Obama’s Approval Ratings: Do People Really Care About Benghazi, the IRS or...

Obama’s Approval Ratings: Do People Really Care About Benghazi, the IRS or AP?


A CNN poll conducted over May 17-18 showed that President Obama’s approval rating is 53%.  It rose from the week before.

That’s pretty good considering that President Obama had what may have been his worst week in the White House.  According to the Washington Post, “the good news for Obama is that 61 percent said they believe that what the president said about the IRS matter is mostly or completely true. The good news for the GOP is that 54 percent said they think congressional Republicans are reacting appropriately to the episode.”

But what can explain the President approval numbers rising over a week he was hit with so much controversy?  The controversies included spying on the nation’s oldest news organization, political targeting by the IRS and an attack on one of our embassies leaving four Americans dead.

Is it that people hate the press and really don’t care if the government was spying on Associated Press? Do people really understand Benghazi and blame the President for what happened? Unless you filed to be a 501(c)4 organization, do you care what happened to the Tea Party and if so, do you blame President Obama?

Then Benghazi controversy may have already hit its peak when the House Oversight Committee had whistleblowers testify two weeks ago.  It may be the case that when it comes to scandal, if the information isn’t easy to understand or is being followed by a few in the media, it fails to hit key players in the story in any real way.


  1. ” Truth ” be known an independent poll to remove obama, bounel, soeroto ??? from office along with all his appointees would carry by more than 70 % in favor of impeachment and prosecution for treason against the United States of America

  2. Some even suggest,that The Bogus E-Mail Leaks came from The Tea Party’ Evil-Doers”Republicans Themselves…They want President Obama to be a Lame-Duck…But The American People know that this will Never Happen,not under Our Watch.