1. It never ceases to amaze me that advocates for more women in leadership haven’t figured out why dispite all the many studies proving females are better leaders than men in general still women lag way behind men in leadership positions. Has it ever occured to anyone that since there are many more males in leadership positions than women that the vast majority of those in position to promote people to leadership positions are men? Put this fact together with the fact that people male or female do not promote people to leadership positions who are susperior to themselves for the reason that they are putting their own position as leaders at risk when they do. Therfore telling men that the female gender is suspeior in leadership traits is counter productive.such women are asking men to do what they themselves would not do. Such women are making enemies of the very ones they need as friends. People male or female are not likely to promote their enemies.

    Women should back off the female susperiority arguement and stop selling female susperiority as the reason more women should be promoted to leadership positions. Instead promote its not female susperiority that women bring to the table but their diversity
    that leades to greater productivity.

    thus it should be said like this. We need more females leaders not because women are susperior but because women have a different style of leadership that when added to the male style of leadership creates diversity and it is this diversity that leads to greater productivity. Said this way males would not be threathened or fearful of losing his job by promoting females but rather encouraged to do so because his decision to create greater diversity by promoting more women to leadership positions has led to greater productivity will cause the head managers of the company to see him as a man of great wisdom.

  2. I often fine that although the claim is that women are better communicators than men none the less I often encounter female communicators contradicting themselves practically in the same sentence or within a sentence or two. Take for example the author wrote “While the jury is still out on why imbalances of power remain, that decades after the women’s liberation movement is there still an imbalance decades after the women’s liberation movement, some are firm when they say it has nothing to do with fundamental differences between genders.

    “Women are as talented as men and, quite often, stronger,” contends Angelopoulos. Notice the author stated “women are as talented as men”
    then in the very same sentence she wrote, “and,quite often stronger” So which is it?Are women just as talented as men or are they more talented as the word “stronger”would indicate.?

    Authors of blogs such as the one above are clueless as to why it is that women still lag far behind men in leadership. The answer is that no one will promote some one who is superior to themselves for fear of losing their own leadership position to the one they promoted. Therefor publishing these blogs making sure men know how inferior they are is simply counter productive.

    “I believe women can be most effective by using all their gifts: strength, intelligence, beauty, charm and female intuition.”

    More information about Angelopoulos and her new memoir can be found at http://www.mygreekdrama.com.

    From Margaret Thatcher to Hilary Clinton, some of the most successful modern female leaders have defied gender role expectations. And today’s ambitious women continue to take cues from those who paved the way.

    In other words women must do what men do in order to succeed.