President Obama Meets with Latino Leaders Before LatAm Trip

President Obama Meets with Latino Leaders Before LatAm Trip


On Monday, President Obama met with Latino leaders in advance of his trip to Mexico and Costa Rica this week. The President met with a bipartisan group who represented different organizational interests, while reiterating his support for immigration reform as being a top legislative priority.

Those attending Monday’s meeting included: David Ayon, U.S. Director, Focus Mexico/Enfoque México; Jose Calderon, President, Hispanic Federation; Yanira Cruz, President and CEO, National Hispanic Council on Aging; Janet Murguia, President and CEO, NCLR; Ana Navarro, CNN/CNN-E Political Contributor, National Political Advisor for, Republican Advisor; Javier Palomarez, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; Nathalie Rayes, Executive Director, Fundación Azteca America; Simon Rosenberg, President and Founder NDN; Hector Sanchez, Chair, National Hispanic Leadership Agenda; Tom Saenz, President, MALDEF; Arturo Vargas, President, NALEO; Brent Wilkes, Executive Director, LULAC; and Al Zapanta, President and CEO, U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.

Some of the folks who attended the White House meeting sent out Tweets.

Janet Murguia, President of the National Council of La Raza, said on Twitter, “Just met with POTUS & VPOTUS at White House with other Hispanic leaders re his upcoming trip & status of Latinos in U.S. Good meeting!” and “POTUS: “Am confident we can get immigration done.” At White House meeting this afternoon with Latino leaders.”

Ana Navarro, who is a CNN contributor and political advisor for, said on Twitter, “Leaving WH. POTUS charm offensive extends beyond Congressional R’s. Participated in mtng w/him & Hispanic leaders. Yes. U read right” and added in a subsequent tweet, “Meeting w/POTUS & VP centered around his upcoming trip to Mexico & Costa Rica. I told him to keep an eye on the Secret Service this time…”

And Arturo Vargas of NALEO described the meeting as “productive.”

UPDATED 8:42 PM PACIFIC: Corrected information about who attended the meeting was added.