The Dynamics in the Aftermath of Boston Marathon Bombing

The Dynamics in the Aftermath of Boston Marathon Bombing


By: April Ryan,

The link between Washington and Boston has never been closer as there is a federally lead search for answers in the aftermath of the Boston Bombing.

Almost 20 hours after the fatal bombing, President Obama described the incident as “An act of terror.”  The day of the attack, three hours after the bombing blast, President Obama wanted to wait before defining the incident as terror.

P.J. Crowley, former Assistant Secretary of State says, “Terrorism carries with it some sort of political agenda.”

What is the agenda as the perpetrator or perpetrators have not taken responsibility for the two bomb blasts that exploded with flying carpenter screws and pellets?  The intent was to maim, or kill people.  Three persons are dead and over 176 people are injured, many seriously.

The crude and primitive bombs cost very little to build compared to the intense measures in place to find and arrest the culprit.

Crowley believes at some point “Congress will be asked for supplemental funding because it would be more than anticipated.”  He also says state and local grants will be given for the “additional and unexpected” costs.

Derek Davis, a Boston area resident was in his Harvard University office when someone screamed at an electronic message about the bombing.  He says many in his office traveled to Student Union building to find a television to watch the unfolding events just miles away.  Davis reveals he somberly left his office and encountered the effects of the ongoing bombing investigation as it caused a diversion in traffic patterns in and around the affected Downtown Boston site, last night and today.  He soberly reflects on what Bostonians want after the horrific events..  “I think Bostonians probably just want answers…whether this was a domestic act or was this something that was not domestic.”

Inside the White House, information is filtering into the President and his staff with the greatest challenge being, the want to know who did this and why, and ultimately a concluding arrest.

Information could come quickly or take weeks, months and even years as the Atlanta Olympic bombing showed.  The suspect in that incident, Eric Robert Rudolph, was found years later living deep inside the woods.

At this point the FBI, Homeland Security, The Justice Department as well as state and local authorities are investigating the bombing.  Also, the National Security agency is involved in very discrete ways.  Meanwhile, The State Department will cooperate with law enforcement in any way that is appropriate.

Bostonian and new Secretary of State, John Kerry issued this written statement on the bombing.  “The United States government is appropriately focused on finding the facts hours after the horrific explosions at the Boston Marathon. This afternoon’s attack is deeply personal to all of us who call that city our home. For any father who has cheered on a daughter as she made her way up ‘Heartbreak Hill,’ or fired the starting gun at the wheelchair race, today’s attack was an assault on who we are in Massachusetts on a Patriot’s Day that honors where we came from. Teresa and I are thinking of and praying for the families of those who were touched by this tragedy, even as our government makes clear, as President Obama did, that those responsible will be brought to justice. I’ve seen Governor Patrick, Mayor Menino, and Boston’s finest police, firefighters, and first responders handle a crisis before, and I’m grateful that they are on the scene responding so effectively to this one.”

Kerry has attended the marathon for a number of years. Kerry did not attend this year’s 117th marathon as he was concluding government business oversees in Korea, Japan and China.

As for concerns about future terror within the United States, Crowley contends “you can’t protect everything and everyone twenty four hours a day, seven days a week without fundamentally transforming the society in which we live.”


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