Game Changer: Sid Espinosa

Game Changer: Sid Espinosa


Name: Sid Espinosa

Title:  Mayor

Organization:  Palo Alto, CA

What Makes This Person a Game Changer:  Sid Espinosa is an American businessman and politician. He is the former mayor of Palo Alto, CA, notably the first Hispanic to be elected to public office in that city’s history, and at 38, he is one of the city’s youngest mayors. He is also the Director of Corporate Citizenship for Microsoft Corporation in the Silicon Valley.

While on the council, Espinosa has been an advocate for fiscal responsibility, library and school investments, services for the homeless, emergency preparedness and the environment. He is considered an independent thinker who is “hard to pigeon hole.” In 2008, he was actively involved in the successful Measure N campaign to pass a school parcel tax for the city. In 2009, he served on the campaign committee that sought to pass a library bond for the city. The bond passed with 76% of the vote.

On January 4, 2011, Espinosa was elected mayor of Palo Alto. In his State of the City address, he outlined five city priorities: city finances and economic development; land use and planning; environmental sustainability; emergency preparedness; and community collaboration for youth well-being.Espinosa has also been a vocal advocate for increased transparency in government and the use of technology to better community with and provide services for citizens.” After a string of teen suicides in the city, Espinosa has become increasingly focused on the city’s youth programs and teen mental health issues.