Game Changer: Maggie Anderson

Game Changer: Maggie Anderson


Name: Maggie Anderson

Title: Author, Founder

Organization: “Our Black Year,” The Empowerment Experiment (EE) and The Empowerment Experiment Foundation

What Makes this Person a Game Changer: Maggie Anderson is a champion when it comes to empowering and financially supporting black-owned businesses. She and her family are the founders of The Empowerment Experiment (EE), an organization that stemmed from their yearlong pledge to be patrons at Black-owned businesses for a full year. Since their experiment, EE has been used as a model to bring awareness to and financially empower Black-owned businesses and demonstrate how supporting Black enterprises recycles Black wealth, decreases unemployment, and creates more local role models for Black youth. Anderson is also the author of the critically acclaimed book about EE, “Our Black Year.” She has also made appearances on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN, PBS Newshour, and CBS Morning News, among many other national television and radio shows to speak about her cause. Prior to founding EE with husband John Anderson, Maggie Anderson, the daughter of Cuban immigrants, worked as political speechwriter for an Atlanta mayor during the 1996 Olympic Games, a business strategy consultant, and an executive at McDonalds Corporation. Anderson obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science from Emory University, and earned both her Juris Doctor and Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. For more information about Maggie Anderson and EE, visit