Mayors Demand Action on Gun Law Reform

Mayors Demand Action on Gun Law Reform


By Larry Miller of the Philadelphia Tribune

Mayor Michael Nutter called on Congress to move forward on legislation that would require universal background checks on all firearm purchases.

Nutter’s announcement was part of the National Day to Demand Action, an event spearheaded by the organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Organizing for Action, Americans for Responsible Solutions and several other groups that support background checks.

There were more than 100 similar events across the country.

“The single most effective thing we can do to get guns out of the hands of criminals is to require comprehensive and enforceable background checks,” said Nutter. “That means making sure that people who buy guns in private sales are checked, and the gun store that conducts the check keeps a record of the sale in case the gun is traced from a crime. Background checks are the only systematic way to stop felons, domestic abusers and people with severe mental illnesses from buying firearms. These checks are instantaneous and highly effective.”

Deputy Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel said that private gun sales have to held to the same standards that gun stores adhere to.

“Background checks are already required for sales at licensed gun shops. Dealers are already required to keep a record of the sale,” Bethel said. “Why can’t we hold private sellers to the same standards? The guns they sell are no less deadly than the guns sold by licensed dealers.”

The National Day to Demand Action brought together hundreds of mayors, law enforcement officials, faith leaders, gun violence survivors and family members, and other Americans who want Congress to take immediate action to strengthen the background check system and reduce gun violence.  The day is expected to be the largest gun violence advocacy event in history.

Reward for Arrest

The Fraternal Order of Police is announcing a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for the hit and run accident involving off-duty Police Officer Michael Brady.  Officer Brady was struck in the 2300 Block of East Cumberland Street on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, at approximately 2:07 a.m. Anyone with information should please contact the Accident Investigation Division at (215) 685-3180 or call 911.

Brady, 28, was off-duty and was walking on the 2300 block of East Cumberland St. when he was struck by an unknown vehicle. The vehicle is believed to be a black or dark colored 2010 Ford Taurus.

The vehicle is missing the passenger side windshield wiper arm. The vehicle may have minor damage to the passenger side windshield and possibly a dented hood. The vehicle was last seen travelling east on Cumberland Street towards Aramingo Avenue.

Brady was transported to Hahnemann Hospital in critical but stable condition with a deep laceration to his head.