Danielle Belton

Danielle Belton


Name: Danielle Belton

Title:  Blogger

Organization:  The Black Snob

What Makes This Person a Game Changer:  Danielle Belton, a.k.a. “The Snob” is principal blogger of “The Black Snob.” Within in two years of launching her political/pop-culture-focused blog, the blogger who has been recognized for being a mover and shaker and a “blogger to watch” gained nearly 2 million readers. Belton’s blog has won several awards including Black Weblog Awards for Best Political Blog (2010 & 2011), Best Writing in a Blog (2008 and 2009) and Best Blog Series (2008). “The Black Snob” also won recognition from BlackPoliticsOnTheWeb.com’s “Shining Star Awards” in 2008 for Best Overall Political Blog and Best New Political Blog and received critical acclaim from top publications such as Time Magazine, The New York Times, Essence and the Associated Press.. In addition to blogging on the “The Black Snob,” Belton is a freelance journalist for a variety of publications and is a regular contributor to NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin, PBS’ To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe and CNN Sundays. She also serves as the Editor-At-Large for Clutch Magazine Online and a bipolar disorder blogger for BP’s Magazine online website.  For more information about Danielle Belton, visit http://blacksnob.com/