With Bloomberg’s $2.1M Push, Robin Kelly Wins Primary

With Bloomberg’s $2.1M Push, Robin Kelly Wins Primary


Robin Kelly, a former Illinois legislator won the Democratic nomination Tuesday to replace former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

Kelly is sure to win the April 9 general election and become a member of the 113th Congress.

The issue of gun control became a central one during the primary campaign.  Over 500 people were murdered in Chicago last year — mostly by firearms.  Kelly received a big financial boost of $2.1 million from New York  Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s super PAC.

The homepage of Kelly’s campaign website opens with a post that reads “help me fight gun violence.”  Fundraising numbers released by her campaign announce that, “Kelly had 29 days to raise funds before the end of the filing period, which closed December 31. Kelly amassed a war chest of $200,209 from 514 individual supporters…”

Kelly served with then-State Senator Barack Obama in the Illinois legislature and encouraged him to run for the U.S. Senate.  She focused on raising the minimum wage, violence against women and economic development during her legislative tenure.