Adisa Banjoko

Adisa Banjoko


Name: Adisa Banjoko

Title: Founder

Organization: Hip-Hop Federation

What Makes This Person a Game Changer: 

Adisa Banjoko is the founder of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation, a San Francisco Bay-based organization that helps young people cope with adversity through chess, music and martial arts.  When the HHCF launched a nationwide tour nearly six years ago in San Jose, CA, a host of entertainers, which included rappers, MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters, movie producers and an international chess star volunteered their time and made the launch event a success. In addition to founding the HHCF, Banjoko, is also a respected journalist and author. Using the pen name “The Bishop of Hip Hop,” Banjoko’s work has appeared in, The Washington Post, Vibe, NPR, and The New York Times. He is also a noted lecturer, having lectured at various institutions across the nation, including Harvard University, Stanford University, U.C. Santa Cruz and San Francisco State University.