Kevin Tsujihara Named CEO of Warner Bros.

Kevin Tsujihara Named CEO of Warner Bros.


Kevin Tsujihara has been named successor to Barry Meyer as CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment. He will step into the job March 1. Meyer will remain as chairman through 2013.

Time Inc. chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes and Warners current chairman and CEO  Meyer made the announcement Monday morning.

Some are calling the move a ‘bold bet on the digital future of entertainment’ as Tsujihara is known as the Time Warner’s digital guru.

As president of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group since 2005, Tsujihara currently oversees the company’s home video, digital distribution, videogames, anti-piracy, and emerging technology operations.

He joined Warner Bros. in 1994 as director, special projects, finance to assist in the management of the company’s interest in Six Flags. Across his nearly two decades with the company he has served as executive vp, corporate business development & strategy, Warner Bros. Entertainment and, executive vp, New Media, responsible for the oversight of all Warner Bros.’ new media endeavors.

Bewkes on Monday passed over two seasoned executives who have been responsible for the Burbank studio’s marquee businesses: Bruce Rosenblum, who is in charge of television production, and Jeff Robinov, who is head of Warner Bros.’ prestigious movie studio.

According to the LA times Tsujihara’s humble and low-key personality turned out to be key during a protracted two-and-a-half-year corporate run-off between the three executives. Bewkes was impressed not only by Tsujihara’s management style but how he handled himself in the tumultuous process, according to company insiders.

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to lead this storied business,” Tsujihara said. “We’re at a pivotal moment in the histories of Hollywood and entertainment: technology is changing the canvas we use to create theatrical releases; home entertainment is rapidly evolving; and the definition of television now includes viewing across a wide range of devices and services. But in my mind one thing remains clear and constant: Warner Bros.’ unmatched ability to tell stories that inspire, educate, and entertain global audiences. We are extremely fortunate to have strong relationships with some of the industry’s most gifted talent and together we will continue to use those relationships, our scale, and our passion to build on Warner Bros. great legacy.”

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