6:57pm January 16, 2013

Venezuela’s Food Shortage


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Kathyrn @Politic365



Havana Curveball: Family, Roots, Transnationalism, Connections, and Politics

Family. Roots. Transnationalism. Connections. Politics. These are some of the many ideas expressed in Havana Curveball. Yet, the one theme that was the most salient was that of discovering oneself through reaching for one’s d...
by Melissa Skolnick


Brazil’s failure with the Olympics will harm Latin America

Brazil has a nightmare on its hands. The international Olympic committee (IOC) is making a very loud point about the failure of the nation to be on time with assembling the stadiums. Also, the clearing out of favelas to bring d...
by Elaine Rita Mendus


Washington can play the waiting game with Havana and win

By Elaine Mendus Earlier this month, it was discovered that the United States government funded and built a Twitter clone to try to stir dissent in Cuba. The project, “ZunZuneo” held, at its height, 40,000 subscribers. The ...
by Guest Contributor



Telemedicine, Telehealth, and now mHealth: The Technological Benefits of Mobile Health in Minority Communities

With all the mobile apps and resources available for games, entertainment and media, have you ever thought about the impact that mobile apps could have on your health? Introducing mHealth, the term used to describe the use of y...
by Charlyn Stanberry

Cuba People Beyonce

Cuba, Open Letters, and Dialogue

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s recent trip to Cuba predictably drew the ire of the shrinking pro-Cuban embargo choir. In fact, their travel to the island was so offensive that Marco Rubio and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen felt it imperative to di...
by Matthew Stieglitz



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