6:18pm January 15, 2013

Lance Armstrong Confesses in Oprah Interview

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Why Charles Ramsey is a Interesting Choice for a Task Force on New Policing

Yesterday, President Obama named Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey as a co-chair of a Task Force on 21st Century Policing.  That’s an interesting choice since Ramsey has had a career that reflects a more ol...
by Lauren Victoria Burke


The Movement and the Plan After the March

We’ve seen it before: The injustice, the reactions, the non-stop talking and tweeting after yet another headline grabbing tragedy.  We’ve seen the hours of commentary, the “think pieces,” the marches, t...
by Lauren Victoria Burke


57 Dems Have No Business Asking Anyone Why They Don’t Vote

57 Democrats. ”Protesters I’ve talked to, they’re not interested in politics, they don’t think that it works for them and they don’t think they should be part of the system.  I think while we ta...
by Lauren Victoria Burke


tax dividends

ITFA Lives to Fight Another Day

As the holiday gift that keeps on giving, the Cromnibus, passed in the final hours of the 113th Congress, once again extended the moratorium on Internet access taxes for another year.  Though a permanent solution has yet to be...
by Kristal High


Senate passes bill expanding drug war with Transnational Drug Trafficking Act

On Monday, the Senate passed the Transnational Drug Trafficking Act, which expands the war on drugs. This law gives the Justice Department the authority to prosecute drug traffickers from foreign countries. The law also ensures...
by Adriana Maestas



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