2:16pm January 11, 2013

Updated: ICE Raids DREAMer Erika Andiola’s Home

Erika Andiola

Last night the Arizona home of Erika Andiola, a prominent DREAMer and co-founder of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition (ADAC), was raided by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. The folks at Latino Rebels contacted Andiola’s family and confirmed that ICE did detain her mother and brother.

Andiola has been highly visible in the DREAM Act movement for years. In the summer of 2010, she was one of the undocumented activists who was arrested at the Capitol for sit-in protests where she and her colleagues asked that congressional representatives take swift action on the DREAM Act. Her story has even been shared on the Senate Floor by Senator Durbin (D – Illinois).

Back in June of last year, the Obama administration announced it’s deferred action program to prevent undocumented youth from being deported after months of public pressure by activists. Despite that reprieve, the administration has continued its record breaking deportations that have split up families. At the same time, criticisms by activists continue to maintain that the focus of those removals are not exclusively on those with serious criminal records.

Andiola has been tweeting updates about what is happening with her mother and brother. Early this morning, she tweeted that her brother informed her that her mom would be deported “first thing in the morning.”

In just a few hours, immigration activists in Phoenix are planning a rally this morning at 8:30 AM Mountain Standard time to support the Andiola family while asking ICE to exercise prosecutorial discretion for Erika’s mother and brother.

Updated at 8:12 AM Pacific: Activists are indicating that Andiola’s mother has been granted a stay of removal.

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