Did Puerto Rico’s social media just slay La Comay?

Did Puerto Rico’s social media just slay La Comay?


On Tuesday night, Puerto Rican viewers noticed something odd about the gossip show “SuperExclusivo” (or La Comay): it repeated a previously aired show. Later that night, the news broke out: Kobbo Santarosa, the man behind the puppet, had submitted his letter of resignation to the network, WAPA TV, and the movement that began the boycott against “La Comay” took him down.

However, let’s backtrack. Readers may remember that during the first week of December, La Comay had made certain homophobic comments concerning a recently murdered man, José E. Gomez. Following that episode, a group was formed on Facebook and Twitter called “Boicot La Comay” (Boycott La Comay). Within a few days, followers had swelled up to over 40,000 people. That very week, companies who had previously advertised on the highest rated show in Puerto Rico pulled their ads from the show, citing the homophobic comments made by La Comay regarding José Gomez.

As companies continued leaving La Comay, WAPA TV President, Joe Ramos, spoke to the Huffington Post Live’s Alicia Menendez. During that segment, Mr. Ramos announced that the show would be prerecorded to subject it to the networks review and editing prior to airing in order to ensure that homophobic incidents (or any other kind of incident) would not repeat itself.

During the Christmas holidays, the “Boycott” movement toned down its machine in order to respect the holidays. Last week, it revved up the engines and continued targeting companies who still advertised on the show. By Monday of this week, sources tell Primera Hora (a P.R. newspaper) that the man behind La Comay would not accept WAPA TV’s condition of pre-recording the show, citing contractual obligations. As of Tuesday (and at the time of writing this article), all signs point towards La Comay’s demise at the hands of the social media movement aimed against it, spearheaded by the “Boycott” movement.

Carlos Rivera, founder of the “Boycott” movement, had previously spoken to Politic365, had distinguished La Comay’s statements from those reported by the media (regarding the circumstances surrounding José Gomez’s murder) by stating:

“Kobbo went well beyond simple reporting. While it is true that he reported the same news as the media, then the editorial commentary went well beyond that scope. They also gave a lot of time to the father of one of the suspects of the murder in which he directly said Jose Enrique had it coming.”

Adding that he and his group would stop at nothing short of the show’s cancellation, it would seem that victory is at hand. Puerto Rico’s “Boricua Winter,” to quote ABC’s Cristina Constantini, is nothing short of impressive. La Comay had generated numerous enemies and movements against its show in the past due to a slew of hateful, sexist, homophobic and racist comments (to mention a few), but the sky-high ratings always protected La Comay.

When the “Boycott” movement began in December, many were impressed but dismissed any long-term damage to the show. It couldn’t be done, they would say. Even Carlos Rivera admitted to Politic365 that he had never organized a boycott movement before, or any other type of movement, but that he had enough of La Comay’s hate and wanted to do something about it.

Yet the degree of hate spewed by La Comay during that fateful December show was too much for the Puerto Rican people to handle. With a dedicated and skillfully aimed use of Facebook and Twitter’s reach, supporters hammered companies on their sites, pages and phones until they announced they would withdraw their ads. When companies announced they were withdrawing their ads, supporters would flood their pages with positive comments. When they didn’t, supporters insisted.

This week, the “Boricua Winter” blew a cold gust of wind against the puppeteer from which he may not stand up from.


  1. Good story, but not quite correct. The first sentence should read, “On Tuesday night, Puerto Rican viewers noticed something odd about the gossip show “SuperExclusivo” (or La Comay): it repeated a previously aired show.”

    • That’s not the point here. Gossip will always be present in all societies. But the person who replaces La Comay will always be aware that if you hate and discriminate you will be fired or force to quit. So the people win.

  2. I really don’t see what the issue is??? If you read the article, it clearly says that La Comay said the same exact thing as the media. We live in a world where freedom of speech is honored. La Comay is a choice not an obligation. As a matter of fact to see the comay in majority of states you have to pay extra for that package. In states that you get Wapa without cost it still brings me to the point; that if you don’t like what you see or hear. Than change the darn channel!!!! As simple as that! Unbelievable how a movement of some sort made such an effort to boycott La Comay where the focus of my beautiful PuertoRico should be solving all those murders that have gone unsolved. La Comay made a homophobic comment & the world goes bananas. Perhaps, that’s why crime in P.R. is so high. Put the time & effort on matters that really would make P.R. a better & safer place to live in & let the Comay do her job. If you any type of way towards La Comay, go about your buisness & change the channel!

    • La Comay also called black people “monkeys” and made monkey noises. That kind of thing doesn’t fly in the U. S., even on pay channels. Oh, calling gay people “faggots” repeatedly and relentlessly isn’t too cool either, but if you can find a channel that will sponsor hate speech, more power to you!

    • Bernice, everyone that exercises their right to free speech (protected by the 1st amendment) knows that it comes with a price: consequences. Kobo exercised his right to make several public statements that offended a particular group of people. Guess what? That particular group of people (and any supporters) also have the right to exercise their displeasure with Kobo’s statements. That’s what makes this country wonderful. Hate speech is very frowned upon in our society… La Comay chose that route via TV; the viewers opposed via the internet. TV programming goes after one thing: an audience. With no audience you get no TV show. The audience spoke and won.

    • I agree with u totally! I started watching the show because i wanted to know what was happening in PR and thought this would b a good way but as i watched i started to notice that there were a lot of comments i didn’t like and felt offended by, like the comments made in December, so i stopped watching. Comments like that just bring on hate and crime and i’m not for that. PR needs tv shows that will help the people not make things worse.

    • What have they accomplish with the boicot? Do they have a plan after that to make it better? NO The only reason WAPA did something about it was because they lost sponsorship. Do you know WAPA was making $1.3 millions a week in advertisemnt, and $75,000 on air product placement. Well I guess lack of money talk and ……… walk

  3. Alex, I agree with you too but remember that being gay is also a choice. La Comay talks about the crimes in P.R. & why doesn’t the community picket at that subject. I have nothing against the gay community but it seems to me that they’re outraged at the fact that La Comay spoke the truth. How many times hasn’t the Comay spoken the truth about Ana Cacho & El Juez Casellas & I never once have I heard or seen a celebrity either talk for it or against it to the point where they say, “voy a mover cielo y tierra para que se haga justicia.” Here la Comay spoke about a married man who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Doing God knows what at a place known to solicite men/women for sexuall favors. He didn’t say that Jose Enrique Guzman was there for that reason. I personally think that those who took what La Comay said to the chin is because they’re living thier lives as homosexuals & took it upon themselves to take it personally. Not so much to clear Jose Enrique Guzman’s name but for thier own personal relationship status. May Jose Enrique Guzman”s soul rest in peace & peace to all in La isla bonita de Puertorico. NOTE: I have nothing against the gay community. As long as your children of God; you’re also my brothers & sisters. Love & peace to all:)

    • Please describe to me Bernice that glorious moment when you CHOSE to be straight. Did you go… hmmm… do I like penises or vaginas? Phlease! I suggest for you to read more about the subject of sexual orientation — especially from the American Psychological Association, the Association for Psychological Science and other mental health/medical sources. The more you read, the more you’ll learn sexual orientation is definitely not a choice.

      BTW, I didn’t take what Kobo said personal. Most people and I think he just crossed a line (his comments were definitely insensitive to the deceased individual, without regards to who, how and why the person died); and there are consequences for doing so. He spoke; the public spoke. The same way they will probably be upset at something else in the future.

    • Helloooo Dios creo a Adam y a Eve; no a Adam y George! & second of all i never had to stop & think wether i like vaginas or penis’s being that it was never in question for me! Third of all it takes me back to what i said all along. The Comay talks about politics, crimes & celebrities & it doesn’t get blown out of proportion. Had La Comay not expressed himself like he did about Jose Enrique Guzman, you along with Ricky Martin wouldn’t of given to fucks about el difunto. I didn’t see Ricky Martin ever twitter go about the crimes in P.R. the way he’s going about Jose Enrique’s death. & to finalize my opinion quero dejar dicho, que no todos somos Jose Enrique Guzman. Porque no todos que estamos casados buscamos a fuera de el matrimonio adventuras sexualmente. Para que lo sepas!!!!!

    • & i will add Alex, that i love the way you express yourself. I respect your point. I’m not here to disrespect anyone & if in anyway, form or shape did in anyone’s point of view. I strongly stress it isn’t my intention.

    • Too late, Bernice, you did disrespect anyone who 1. Is not Christian (Adam and Eve, really? I am a Buddhist, now, what myth are you going to use to argue against homosexuality with me?) 2. Doesn’t care to know about your sex life. Oh, and fyi, Ricky Martin has been connected with the fight against crime and human trafficking for years in Puerto Rico, as he founded and sponsors a non for profit organization that educates and does research about human trafficking and child abuse and offers help to its victims.
      If I were you I would educate myself more about a topic before talking about it. And homosexuality, mind you, IS NOT a choice.

    • Well Mrs. Beatriz, homosexuality my dear is a choice. You come to a point in your early life or later in life where u realize you like the same sex. At that point Mrs. Beatriz you make a conscience decision about your sexual status. Had that not been the case; no thought of such would cross your mind. I may not know much about Ricky Martin’s organizations maybe because i’m not a fan of his but it doesn’t take away from the point i’ve been trying to emphazise from the beginning that La Comay only said a repetition of what the media already had said. He also said, “that if Jose Enrique Guzman had not been soliciting prostitutes for sexual favors & been at home with his wife maybe he’d be alive today. That he was at the wrong place at the wrong time therefore; got what came to him under the circumstances that Puertorico has a high murder rate. He may not have deserved it but really what do you expect when you’re living life in the fast lane? Let me also add that La Comay said, he was soliciting two women prostitutes. So where this homophobic subject got brought up with this murder is sad. Last put not least homosexuallity isn’t a myth it’s reality & i’m well aware of that so don’t come at me like i’m oblivious to the fact that there are people who choose to be homosexuals. Whether they were born with it or choice it some time in thier lives by means of peer pressure, curiosity or whatever the case may be.

    • & if u go back & read what i wrote i never said Ricky Martin hasn’t or has done anything for P.R. I repeat what i wrote. I wrote, the Comay talks about politics, crimes & celebrities & it dsnt get blown out of proportion. Had the Comay not expressed himself like he did about Jose Enrique Guzman Ricky Martin wouldn’t of giving two fucks about the murder of Jose Enrique Guzman. So before you come @ me read but most important; comprehend what you read!

  4. Felicidades al movimiento. Que sigan como van para que ninguna TV lo recojan. La Comay se creía que era invencible! Si era #1 tenía que respetar esa posición y no abusar de ella que es lo que hacia. Todos le tenían miedo. Nunca pensó que en la unión esta la fuerza y sin la gente no era nadie! Que se ría ahora como hacia con todos los que perdían sus grajos! Ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja

    • Comay te votaron como bolsa, igual como le decías a los demás . Ya era tiempo, mucho duraste no respetabas a nadie.Como se siente ahora, esto es lo que yo estaba esperando hace tiempo ! JaJaJaJaJa Que alegría !!!!!!

    • y porque felicitar al movimiento ? si al tipo lo cojieron buscando prostitutas yo si conozco ese sitio ! si fuera tu maridito tal vez no te hubiera gustado que saliera con una prostitute ! no lo crees asi ? ademas la comay dice la verdad ! muchos de los que protestaron la comay son la misma gente que estaban en sodoma y ghomora en aquel tiempo ! ninguna differencia! asi que estes segura de que lado estas mi amiga! como dijo dios si estos no me adoran a mi ya sabes a quien adoran !

  5. We are talking about a man that use to be a Pastor, ending up behind the face of a women and bashing the gospel he once served and also be so hateful and taking the role of GOD and judgin…all I gots to say is WHAT GOES UP, GOD will knock down…He just gave him 12 years of elevation so that the drop would be hard…God cannot be mocked!