3:26pm January 8, 2013

Obama Nominates Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense

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New Poll: Americans skeptical of airstrike effectiveness in Syria

As President Obama plans airstrikes on Syria to discourage Syrian President Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons again, the American public expressed doubt about the effectiveness of U.S. military action. A Huffington Post/Yo...
by Adriana Maestas


Obama Administration Touts Its Contributions to Broadband Deployment

Proclaiming the last four years as a period of tremendous growth in broadband deployment, President Obama released last Friday a report that showcases the Administration’s contribution to broadband deployment and discusses op...
by Alton Drew


Dying Breed: Admissions Gap for Minorities at Elite Colleges Increases

With the admissions gap widening, statistics continue to display the need for more educational programs to increase the number of minorities enrolling in our top colleges and universities. One thing is for sure, there is a need...
by Charlyn Stanberry



Republicans Expand 2013 College Voter Suppression to Ohio

Nobody likes a sore loser, especially in politics. Usually in the world of campaigns and elections losing is a painful but important opportunity to re-valuate strategy, message, tactics and sometimes do some wholesale policy ch...
by Jason Johnson


Can Obama Go H.A.M. on Sequestration When He’s Trapped by His Own Policy?

have thoroughly enjoyed the new superbad Barack Obama that has magically appeared after his re-election. Maybe he’s hanging out with Jay-Z more or SuperFit Michelle has slipped him some Deer Antler Spray but this post re-...
by Jason Johnson



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