5:18pm December 31, 2012

Hillary Clinton hospitalized for blood clot, being treated with anticoagulants

Hillary Clinton

Yesterday Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was hospitalized for a blood clot and is being treated with anticoagulant drugs. Earlier this month Secretary Clinton was treated for a concussion after falling; this particular clot was discovered in a follow up medical exam.

This isn’t the first time Hillary Clinton has suffered a blood clot. Back in 1998, she had a blood clot behind her right knee and was prescribed blood thinners until her condition improved.

According to CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the use of anticoagulants provides a clue as to where the clot is. Anticoagulant drugs stop clots from forming in the heart veins and arteries.

“I think it’s very unlikely this is a blood clot on top of the brain or around the brain specifically, because you just don’t treat blood clots on the brain that way. That would worsen the bleeding,” Dr. Gupta explained.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has traveled 956,733 miles, visiting 112 countries. The 65 year old Clinton is finishing her duties as Secretary of State and will step down from the position in a few weeks. Senator John Kerry has been nominated to replace her.

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