The Fiscal Cliff and Zero Dark Thirty

The Fiscal Cliff and Zero Dark Thirty


By Chad Pergram, FOX News

“We are spending billions of dollars.”

“I want targets.”

“We are still no closer to defeating our enemy.”

Those lines may sound familiar if you’ve seen the trailer for “Zero Dark Thirty,” the upcoming film about the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

But those lines could ring just as true around the Capitol this weekend as Congressional aides and lawmakers are engaged – not in “the greatest manhunt in history” – but perhaps the greatest hunt to forge a legislative deal in a very long time.

This pursuit is not unlike the search for bin Laden. Their goal is just as elusive. It’s stretched out for years as lawmakers scoured political caves on multiple continents, pursued budgetary leads, empanelled teams of fiscal commandos named Bowles-Simpson, Domenici-Rivlin and an elite squadron known as the “supercommittee” in an effort to hunt their fugitive – a final deal to alter the nation’s financial trajectory.

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