Uh-Oh Cinco: A Merry Christmas Sex Tape of Chad Johnson and Evelyn...

Uh-Oh Cinco: A Merry Christmas Sex Tape of Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada?


Some gifts end up under the tree whether you asked for them or not. A set of keys to the car you never even asked for. The gift certificate in your stocking that you overlooked when digging through your other toys. As a writer, and columnist one of the greatest gifts you can receive is a story that essentially writes itself. No major research, no background checks or emails to confirm with sources, just some good old fashioned facts to comment on. Consequently I have to tip my Christmas hat to Chad Ochocinco, formerly of Chad and Evelyn, for providing me with the easiest of stories: A Well Timed and Well placed Sex tape.

Black Sports Online.com and WorldStar Hip-Hop revealed last night that Chad Ochcocino has a sex tape. He and a thus far unnamed stripper are doing the deed in a set of scenes so well lit and filmed that you’d think Kim and Ray-J were behind the camera. Chad has already come out and said the tape was made 3 years ago, long before his now defunct marriage to Evelyn Lozada so it’s not like the tape reveals him to be anything other than a guy who likes sex with strippers. Unlike recent sex tapes that have come out, figuring out the timing and politics of this one is a bit harder. Chad is no longer in the NFL, Lozada is doing her Basketball Wives thing, and neither of them seems to have any major projects around the corner that would benefit from having a sex tape come out. So are we seeing a new era of sex tapes dawning? Are these tapes revealed now due to spite or revenge as opposed to clever marketing which has been the case for the last decade or so? Only time will tell, as Chad pursues legal action and the filmer as well as his sex partner have yet to be revealed. What we do know is this however, Chad has given writers a lot of free ink this afternoon, just in time for Christmas. Let’s just hope that as more is revealed about this story all of the ink ends up being worth it.