The 10 Stupidest Lines From Wayne LaPierre of the NRA

The 10 Stupidest Lines From Wayne LaPierre of the NRA


It’s media and video games — not the 300,000,000 guns. Never would a moment of silence have been more appropriate than today at 10:45 a.m. in Washington, DC as NRA vice-president Wayne LaPierre began speaking.  The “meaningful contributions” promised earlier in the week from the National Rifle Association came in the form of a demand for armed security in our nation’s schools.

LaPierre’s ridiculous plan ignored the fact there are over 70 million individuals to protect.  Not surprisingly, there was no mention of limiting gun sales in the U.S. or background checks. A country with 300 million privately owned guns needs more LaPierre argued. But then, what weapon has the NRA ever been against?  In a speech with a wealth of stupid lines here are ten to consider:

1. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
In the movies that is.  This Death Wish 2 fantasy scenario where a hero with a gun jumps up and saves everyone has never been documented in real life during a shooting massacre.  Had LaPierre taken questions, which of course he didn’t, surely someone would have asked him to give a “hero with a gun” example.  Interestingly, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is that bad guy putting the gun to his head.

2.  What if when Adam Lanza started shooting his way in the Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday, he’d been confronted by qualified armed security?
LaPierre forgets there were “qualified armed security” guards at Columbine High School as two killers shot 32 people and killed 13.  What makes him believe that, in a real life situation, school personnel will be able to stop a killed with the type of semi-auto assault rifle that LaPierre has spent his life fighting so hard to make legal in the U.S?

3. There exists in this country, sadly, a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells and sows violence against its own people. Through vicious, violent video games.
Shadow industry? Were video games a secret underground force until LaPierre discovered them this morning? The video game industry is targeted as the real problem by LaPierre but the private ownership of over 300,000,000 firearms — including weapons of war — isn’t.

4. Politicians pass laws for gun-free school zones, they issue press releases bragging about them … in doing so they tell every insane killer in America that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum mayhem.
This was a particularly interesting point when you consider that many shootings occur someplace other than schools.  When 70 people were shot at a movie theatre in Colorado was it due to a “gun safe” movie theater law?

5. I call on Congress today to act immediately, to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every school.
It’s interesting to hear a Republican call for Congress to “act immediately” on more funding for schools… but not for education related needs — for armed guards.  There are over 100,000 public schools in the U.S., over 4,000 colleges and over 30,000 private schools.  LaPierre never put a budget number on his idea and, of course, took no questions.  That alone acknowledges that his “plan” can’t hold up to basic inquiries.

6. …we need to have every single school in America immediately deploy a protection program proven to work — and by that I mean armed security…. The NRA is going to bring all of its knowledge, dedication and resources to develop a model National School Shield Emergency Response Program for every school that wants it.
No it’s not. They’ll bring the same dedication to owning politicians and funding campaigns they’ve always brought in the past.  “Every single school,” said LaPierre.  And there are over 70 million people enrolled in school over age 3 in the U.S. — the NRA will have to bring more than “knowledge and dedication” to protect that many people from the guns they fight to get into circulation on behalf of gun manufacturers.

7. Five years ago, after the Virginia Tech tragedy, when I said we should put armed security in every school, the media called me crazy.
Perhaps there were only 9 stupid statements today.

8. We can’t wait for the next unspeakable crime to happen before we act. We can’t lose precious time debating legislation that won’t work. 
A member of Congress being shot in the head and killing 6 others by a man with a 32 round magazine didn’t move the NRA? Thirty-two shot dead at Virginia Tech in 2007 wasn’t unspeakable enough?

9. For the sake of the safety of every child in America, I call on every parent, every teacher, every school administrator and every law enforcement officer in this country to join us in the National School Shield Program.
He’d better call on more people than that.  There are more than 70 million people presently attending school in the United States.  Even if there was an armed guard at every school as LaPierre’s fantasy vision calls for, it’s ridiculous to assume they could protect everyone at every educational location.

10. We care about the President, so we protect him with armed Secret Service agents. Members of Congress work in offices surrounded by armed Capitol Police officers.
The President doesn’t have Secret Service just because we “care.”  The Secret Service was created in 1865 by President Lincoln to protect American currency from counterfeiting.  After President McKinley was shot to death in 1901, Congress moved the Secret Service into the Presidential protection arena.  There was a specific threat followed by specific action.  LaPierre’s logic dictates that everyone has the right to an armed guard and that every school is in need of one. Can every person have their own armed guard?  Who don’t we care about and who doesn’t deserve one?