Obama Signed More Repeals of Federal Gun Policies Than Bush

Obama Signed More Repeals of Federal Gun Policies Than Bush


According to a report that was released back in January 2010 by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, in the first year of his presidency, President Obama signed into law more repeals of federal gun policies than in the eight years of the Bush administration that preceded him. As a candidate back in 2008, President Obama stated that he believed in certain constraints on the second amendment.

Back in February 2008 in addressing the D.C. hand gun ban, which the Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional, then Senator Obama said, “I think it’s important for us to recognize that we’ve got a tradition of handgun ownership and gun ownership generally. And a lot of law-abiding citizens use it for hunting, for sportsmanship, and for protecting their families. We also have a violence on the streets that is the result of illegal handgun usage. And so I think there is nothing wrong with a community saying we are going to take those illegal handguns off the streets. And cracking down on the various loopholes that exist in terms of background checks for children, the mentally ill. We can have reasonable, thoughtful gun control measure that I think respect the Second Amendment and people’s traditions.”

As a candidate back in 2008, Obama supported instant criminal background checks on people buying guns and thought that the background check requirement should extend to firearms purchased at gun shows.

Instead of working to close some of the gun law loopholes and address gun violence, President Obama’s initial year in office was noted for keeping quiet on closing the gun show loophole, expanding the ability to carry loaded guns to national parks, repealing a post-9/11 security measure that barred guns on Amtrak, and for being on the receiving end of criticism for not directly addressing gun violence in the aftermath of some high profile shootings including the incident at Fort Hood. In the Brady report that was released in January 2010, it states that there have been at least 200 mass shootings since President Obama took office.

The killing of 20 little children in their school last week may have moved the issue of gun control and firearm policy to the forefront of the policy agenda, but President Obama’s reluctance to act initially in his presidency may motivate him to take the “meaningful action” he called for in Newtown, Connecticut  yesterday.


  1. Criminal’s will always have-gun’s & gun’s don’t kill people…people kill people! Especially so people with severe mental-health issue’s, gun’s give lawful-reasonable people the abllity to help protect themselve’s & their family & prooerty. The farmer’s who fought in the revolutionary-war used musket’s & pitchfork’s, this day & age we should gain more personal freedom’s, not have any of-them taken from the sensible-citizenry which-is most of us! Million’s upon million’s that-is! Keep the govt.’t out of our-live’s as-much as possible!:(

    • When was the last time you saw a person kill 20 kids and 6 adults *without using a gun to do it*? This dumb mantra of guns not killing people is about as reasonable as Adam Lanza was last Friday morning.

      P.S. You use apostrophes like they were .225-caliber ammunition you bought on sale at WalMart. Fix that, sir.

    • Dear English major Haley, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on guns. I believe it was 2 days after that shooting that another mass shooting almost occurred, but thank God a good person with a sidearm took care of it and saved lives. It happens all the time that way, the media just doesn’t report it, and you sure don’t get it. So do yourself a favor friend. Read on the subject, learn, then please wait a long whiile if you coose to report back on your opinion. It’s quite obvious you need to absorb more than you have on this particular subject. It’s ok too. Many don’t get. We have your back.

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