Changing Nation and Alienation: Is the GOP Dying Out?

Changing Nation and Alienation: Is the GOP Dying Out?


What will become of the Grand Ol’ Party?

In what some dub a momentary victory, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice withdrew from secretary of state consideration.

Rice experienced significant pushback for comments that she made regarding the attack of a diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya. Although Rice relied on the intelligence community when she spoke, the repercussions were clear: No Rice, Republicans said.

Is she a conservative consolation prize for a party still smarting from a presidential loss? The Rice criticisms resonated as racist and sexist for many who couldn’t fathom the diplomat being called anything but qualified and competent.

Often the political climate underscores a battle between diversity and division in America. Cue crazy news stations. Bring on census data. Notice the Spanish signs everywhere? Curious cultural changes are afoot.

While it’s no secret that families of diverse backgrounds have “conservative” values, President Barack Obama’s re-election highlighted schisms.

“The right” increasingly connotes “the wrong” when voter disenfranchisement tactics, anti-woman agendas, single parent shaming and anti-immigration legislation are still fresh on many Americans’ minds.

Republicans often speak to unwavering privilege and tokenism. Mitt Romney wrote no concession speech because he knew he had it in the bag.

Papers-please legislation was promulgated. Planned Parenthood, which provides an array of health services, was demonized as a promiscuous woman’s backspace button, instead of a viable health organization for people needing care.

Many Republicans promote merit, individualized effort, financial responsibility and Christianity.

Then some refute climate change and treat the phrase “global warming” like a four letter word. Diversity seems more theoretical than practical. And voters conceptualize these points. Bloomberg reported that Blacks vote Democratic 9-1, Asians 3-1 and Latinos almost 3-1.

Republicans of color do garner headlines. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is Indian. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is also Indian. Saratoga Springs, Utah, Mayor Mia Love is Black.

George P. Bush, son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, is an attorney and real estate investor who many believe is a burgeoning politician. Supporters say that he possesses enviable characteristics that could edge him out over others: He is a Bush. He is well liked. He is Latino.

Although there are other Republicans of color, the GOP confronts challenges appealing to a wider base.

Yes, interracial dating, marriage and families aren’t as controversial as in years past. As a result, racial lines could lose rigidity. But, before they do, the GOP might want to develop favor with booming populations.

Being an anti-other and abrasive Republican keeps certain people in the news, but it also pushes would-be supporters away. Even people who identify with GOP values don’t usually want to look prejudicial and passé.

Posts like Ann Coulter’s recent blog, “America Nears El Tipping Pointo” don’t help. In the post she portrays (lies about) Latinos as baby-making machines looking for handouts.  Similar sentiments hardly help the party’s pluralism.

Some right-wingers accept change. Some confront change. Some confront the mirror because altering orthodox culture can freak people out.

It’s not that calling attention to ethnic, familial and other trends is inherently troubling. However, factually unsubstantiated, anti-diversity claims contribute to the problem.

Issues matter. Policy matters. Yet voters across the spectrum carry their identities (gender, race, color, class, sexual orientation and so on) into the voting booth. Sometimes people must feel validated and affirmed as equally human first before they hear and support political ideas.

Questions linger about if the GOP will change. If Republicans want to be more “grand” than “old party” they could embrace the Disney cartoon Pocahontas’ swag and “paint with all the colors of the wind.”


  1. To bad the Republicans can’t just take their money (taxes) and go home. The Democrats hate them but financially they can’t live without them. The democratic debt to income is beyond belief to people who know how to run a company. And one last food for thought why are we spending 1.6 billion on free cell phones & 25 million a day on the post office. We have more takers than we have makers, it’s a matter of time be fore this country goes under. We are divided with class warfare.

    • Your right Mike the post office is not taxpayer supported, they have simply borrowed 13 BILLION DOLLARS from the US Treasury. Now when they default and can’t pay it back, who looses, we do, taxpayers. On the cell phone subject, fraud runs rampart, and at some point you need to stop the bleeding from all avenues possible. I’m sure a lot of these truly needy people could use food or dry goods more than a cell phone. I know a lot of people that are without a cell phone & it is not a life altering event for them. Waste, Waste & more Waste is what’s draining this country dry.

    • X-factor Whitetails first research Reagan’s hand in “free” phone service. The cell phone debate is simply an extension of that policy. A phone is an essential item in today’s world, particularly if you are seeking employment. It is the “fish or teach them to fish” argument. Secondly, are you willing to pay $2 – $3 dollars to send a letter? That is what we would be looking at if the USPS sinks. We would have the pleasure of paying UPS rates. I’ll be it many of these programs and organizations need to be streamlined and reformed, but cutting them out of hand would be destructive.

    • Gregory, I agree with what you say. Many programs have needed benefits but the fraud & waste runs wild. The goverment oversight can not control them. I will NEVER forget listening to Obama several years ago when he was pitching Obama care. He said we have enough goverment waste that we can recover to go a long way toward helping to pay for this. I thought if the goverment is wasting that much money then why do we need a reason to put a stop to it, why aren’t we already doing it. We realize now that was just lip service. As far as the post office I have seen it from the inside, up close and personal. There motto should be “We work as hard as we can to do as little as possible.” If you put them in the shoes of a UPS driver for a week, you would see what their work ethics are like,

  2. “Is the GOP Dying Out?”

    It’s just a matter of time, as the Republican party has show itself to be autocratic, anti-democracy, and willing to wage war against many potential segments of the electorate, further narrowing its base.

    Good riddance!

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