12-12-12 – Springsteen, Alicia Keys, Stones, Rock for Hurricane Sandy Victims

12-12-12 – Springsteen, Alicia Keys, Stones, Rock for Hurricane Sandy Victims


For over six hours, Madison Square Garden rocked like never before as rock legends, current chart toppers, and Hollywood stars came together to raise money and awareness for the victims of Hurricane Sandy on December 12, 2012.

And from the opening notes played by Bruce Springsteen to the final words sung by Alicia Keys it was clear that everyone on stage and in attendance were in a New York (or Empire) state of mind, as performers Billy Joel and Alicia would both like to say.

The sold-out “12-12-12” concert was shown on 37 television stations in the United States and more than 200 others worldwide.  It was streamed on 30 websites, including YouTube and Yahoo, and played on radio stations.  Theaters, including 27 in the New York region and dozens more elsewhere, were showing it live.

Before Wednesday’s concert even began, over $30 million had been raised from ticket sales.  Tickets that ranged in cost from $150 to $2,500, with all proceeds donated to the Robin Hood Relief Fund.

Images of the concert were interspersed with footage of the devastation left in the wake of Sandy nearly two months ago and stories were shared of not only memories from years ago, but heroes of today,  because while this was a concert for the ages, it was also much more.

It was truly an incredible evening of entertainment and all of the stars that donated their time deserve all the praise they have and will continue to receive, but we also have to give credit to,  the people behind the scenes – and not just the other celebrities answering the phones.  Through creative efforts, the innovation of radio, and the internet and other technological advances….the organizers of the mega-event, Clear Channel Entertainment, Weinstein Company and Madison Square Garden Company, did what no one else could in hopes that we would do what only we could, in such a short amount of time – bounce back.  And it was clear by the electricity in the room, we were bouncing forward!

As John Stewart said, “You can throw anything at us — terrorists, hurricanes.  You can take away our giant sodas. It doesn’t matter.  We’re coming back stronger every time.”

Donations continue to be taken so please visit the official site http://www.121212concert.org/ , to learn how you can contribute to the recovery efforts.

Again, it is amazing what we all can do, including you, radio, iHeart, both big and small businesses, artists, producers, …when we come together.  Please continue supporting the efforts of this great cause and please continue to support free over-the-air radio and internet radio, so we can continue to do what America does best when we all work together….recover.