Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano 2016?

Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano 2016?


A group is petitioning to draft Fox News commentator and former New Jersey jurist Andrew Napolitano to run for the Republican ticket for President in 2016.

The group, The Committee to Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano, which is currently still in formation, has already created a website for people interested in signing the petition, and says that they are dedicated “as long as it takes to” draft the constitutional scholar to run for president.

Larry Hunter, the Chairman of RevolutionPAC, sent out an e-mail Thursday announcing the move.

In that e-mail, he expressed that the “Liberty Movement,” the movement inspired by retiring Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), could “founder, and worse, it could be hijacked by the Republican Party Establishment” if there was no one to carry the torch left by the Texas congressman.

Hunter says that Napolitano, a former Seton Hall Law School adjunct professor who taught Constitutional Law, is someone whom the entire “Liberty Movement” could rally around in the next election.

“This is part of our initial unveiling of the formation of a committee to draft Napolitano,” Hunter wrote,  adding that the nationwide petition drive is intended to show that Napolitano has “groundswell” support. Additionally, Hunter announced that the group intends to build a war chest – donations in advance of a campaign – and plans to mobilize support on the ground to ensure Napolitano gets on the ballot in every state.



  1. Judge Nap would be even better than Ron Paul as a candidate: He doesn’t have the baggage of the newsletter controversy, so he wouldn’t have to waste his time explaining himself, and he’s an excellent public speaker. Plus, he’s more charismatic and more attuned to the younger generations.

    I mean, all the love to Ron Paul, but the man could barely get two words strung together when he was at the podium.

  2. THIS is a man of TRUE VALUES, TRUE WORDS, and TRUE JUSTICE for AMERICA! Really! I’ve heard him on his shows, seen him speak on other shows….this guy KNOWS the REAL LAW and REAL JUSTICE that we desperately NEED! He would get America BACK! He’d even be right up there, or better, with Reagan, and even up there with JFK – probably better, too! OH, PRAY for our DELIVERANCE! PRAY for JUDGE NAPALITANO! PLEASE!

  3. I have always been impressed by the Judge! However, I am also a strong Ron Paul supporter and always will be… Therefore, I will not say that Ron Paul had too many flaws, wasn’t a good speaker, and so on and so forth. The fact of the matter is, Ron Paul was CHEATED out of his nomination and we lost; however, we have a chance to rally around another candidate now and win because we are smarter and wiser this go around! Let’s do it and make sure the Judge wins in 2016!