5:08pm December 4, 2012

Public Education: The American Dream Slowly Becoming the American Memory


During the 5th Annual Excellence in Action, National Summit on Education Reform, keynote speakers  Dr. Condoleezza Rice, former U.S. Secretary of State, and Joel Klein, former chancellor of New York City’s public schools declared the state of our nation’s K-12 education system a threat to National Security.

Before a group of education leaders, advocates, policy makers, and national security experts from the US and abroad, Rice and Klein discussed their finding as part of the Independent Task Force on US Education Reform and National Security.  Moderator and President of the Council on Foreign Relations, Dr. Richard Haas, commended The Task Force’s ability to “reframe the issue for a broader audience.”

This new approach to a long debated and often disregarded issue is as innovative as the problem itself is daunting. By drawing a link between K-12 education and national security, they sought to “recast old debates, spark new conversations, enlist new advocates, and catalyze national change” for what Rice recognizes as, one of the greatest civil rights issues of our time. “When I can look at your zip code and tell whether you will receive a quality education, we have a problem.” Adding, “this is the height of inequality.”



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