1:30pm December 3, 2012

Hispanic Institute Urges Uniform Rules and Digital Tax Fairness

cell phone taxes

The Hispanic Institute (THI) issued a report, “Taxes and Fees: Barriers to Hispanic Connectivity” urging the passage of two bi-partisan bills. The Digital Goods and Services Fairness Act would require uniform tax rules and prohibit the imposition of taxes by multiple jurisdictions on the same digital purchase, and the Wireless Tax Fairness Act, which would impose a five-year moratorium on new, discriminatory state or local taxes on mobile services, providers and property.

THI is a nonprofit organization that provides an education forum for Hispanic Americans. Among the THI’s many projects are studies of Hispanic economic contributions, media monitoring, consumer fraud, and citizenship education. The November 14th Report urges Congress to take action to protect Americans from unfair taxes by passing both bills which the organization says is essential for all Americans, especially Hispanics.

The Report notes “entire industries have been built around the technology needs of customers for digital goods and services that range from music [and video] downloads to banking services.” While nearly half of all Americans (46%) now own smartphones, the percentage is higher for Hispanics and African Americans (49%). The Report further notes that many Hispanics rely heavily on digital devices for employment, education, commercial and other economic and social interactions, making them particularly sensitive because they conduct more of their commerce in the digital marketplace than any other U.S. ethnic groups. In fact, Hispanics comprise more than 43% of American households that are wireless-only, a percentage greater than white and black households. (Continues)


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