Pew Research Report on Cell Phone Usage Tells Me I Should Invest...

Pew Research Report on Cell Phone Usage Tells Me I Should Invest in Cell Phone Stocks


While most Americans were heading back from grandma’s house over the Thanksgiving Day weekend, The Pew Internet and American Life Project released findings from a survey on cell phone usage. The survey provided the latest data on how White, Black, and Hispanic Americans are using their cell phones. What it tells me is maybe I should take a closer look at owning a mutual fund that has some tech and telecom stock in it.

The survey of 2,581 cell phone owning adults found that:

• 82% of respondents take pictures with their cell phones;
• 80% of respondents send or receive text messages with their cell phones;
• 56% access the Internet;
• 50% send or receive e-mail;
• 44% record video;
• 43% download apps;
• 31% look for health or medical information online; and
• 29% check bank account balances or do some other online banking.

Eighty-five percent of adults, according to Pew Research, own cell phones and their usage in the percentages of adults using cell phones for the above mentioned activities has been trending up, in some cases exponentially.

Take for example the original social media platform, e-mail. In 2007, 19% of cell phone owners used their devices for what I thought was a platform now regulated to the receipt of junk mail, but in 2012, usage had increased by 163% where 50% of cell phone users were now sending or receiving e-mail via cell phones.

Also in 2007, only 18% of cell phone owners were using their devices for recording videos. Fast forward to 2012 and a 144% uptick in usage and we find 44% of cell phone owners trying out to be the next Spike Lee or Steven Spielberg… (continues)