Mitt Romney and President Obama at the White House: Best Lunch Date...

Mitt Romney and President Obama at the White House: Best Lunch Date Ever!


There are literally dozens of major political events over the last several years that I would have loved to have been able to eavesdrop on. I would’ve loved to sit in on the actual meeting when Ronald Reagan decided to delay the hostages return for the first “October Surprise”. It would’ve been awesome to be the maid outside the White House bedroom when Hillary Clinton finally went in on Bill about Monica Lewinsky. And honestly, I would pay almost anything to have seen how Barack and Michelle spent their first night in the White House with no cameras, no press and no one else watching. Did he do the Dougie right in front of George Washington’s portrait or did he just do the George Jefferson walk all around the Oval office? Yet as much as I’d like to seen all of these events, I don’t think there’s anything that would top listening in on Barack Obama’s Post Election “Lunch Date” with Mitt Romney on Thursday.

There are several peculiar things that Obama has done in his presidency, for example: Insinuating himself in the Trayvon Martin tragedy, legalizing gay marriage, having Jay-Z at the White House, and that whole running up a billion dollar deficit thing. But I honestly think that inviting the man who you just beat in a marathon length, inhumanly expensive election has got to be either the craziest or most gangsta act I’ve ever seen from a sitting president. If Romney declines he looks like a poor loser (although he’s been doing a good job of that in general) and if he accepts, he has to spend an afternoon pretending he likes Obama. And I’m sure Barack will make sure Romney has to take the LONG way through the White House, just so he can see exactly where he won’t be living this January. That being said, here are the three things I hope Barack and Mitt discuss during their little lunch adventure.

 1. Tell ‘Em Why you Mad Barack: It’s normal for candidates running against each other to develop an intense dislike for one another, but I think Mitt and Barack reached a new level. I don’t even think they respected each other. Since there are no cameras around it’d be nice to think POTUS would call out Mitt’s son for… (continues)