Romney Lost Because of Ron Paul Supporters? Speculative But Possible

Romney Lost Because of Ron Paul Supporters? Speculative But Possible


The GOP must respect the Ron Paul supporter.

That is, at least, one of the lessons being derived from the 2012 Presidential election results, according to one analyst.

According to an analysis at, Ron Paul supporters may have contributed to the cause of Mitt Romney’s defeat in at least five states.

“New analysis reveals that in no less than five states, Romney’s margin of loss to President Obama in the general election was less than the number of votes received by Ron Paul in that state’s primary,” wrote PolicyMic contributor Hamdan Azhar.

In the states of Connecticut, Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Virginia a combined total of 71 electoral colleges votes were at stake. Had Romney won those states and the support of the Ron Paul voter (assuming he didn’t win any or much of the Ron Paul vote in those states), Romney would have also won the electoral college in a narrow 277-261 victory, Azhar argued.

For example, in Connecticut where Romney’s loss margin was 7,614, Ron Paul’s primary vote count from the primaries held earlier in 2012 was 8,032. Had Ron Paul supporters not thrown their support to Romney and stayed home, Azhar explains that it did contribute to a loss for Romney in that state.

The margin of victory for President Obama in New Hampshire was 40,421 and the number of people who voted for Ron Paul in the New Hampshire Republican primary was 56,872.

“In New Hampshire, 71 percent of Paul votes are needed to make up the margin, while in Ohio and Virginia, that number is closer to 95 percent,” Azhar wrote.

Obama’s margin of victory was 107,241 in Ohio; and Ron Paul received 113,256 votes during primary season there.

In Virginia, Romney’s loss margin was  100,499; Ron Paul received 107,451 votes in the Virginia primary.

In Florida, where Romney lost by 46,666 votes to Obama, Ron Paul received 117,461 votes in the Florida primary.

“If only 40 percent of these Ron Paul Republicans stayed home on Election Day, it would have been enough to cost Romney the state and its 29 electoral votes,” he explained.

But admittedly, his analysis is  based on assumptions. And there’s no way of proving what actions Ron Paul supporters took at the polls on November 6.

But some people believe that the Ron Paul vote had a tremendous impact on the election for the Republicans.

“After studying the election results, there is one glaring fact the Republican Party failed to understand: The Ron Paul Effect,” wrote Young Americans for Liberty Executive Director Jeff Frazee in a mass e-mail on November 10.

He continued: “Mitt Romney and the Republican Establishment lost on Election Day because they lost libertarian and conservative voters.”

In 2012, former New Mexico Governor and 2012 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Gary Johnson received a record-breaking 1,233,168 votes–more votes than any Libertarian Party candidate in history.

Some analysts, including Ron Paul himself, said that Ron Paul supporters may have thrown their support to the Libertarian Party candidate in 2012.


  1. There were probably about 1 million Ron Paul supporters. A good chunk probably didn’t vote, and about half of the rest voted for Gary Johnson, and the other half voted for Ron Paul (they weren’t counted).

    There were quite a few states where about 10,000 votes would have won it for Mitt.

    So, yes, the second that the Media, Mitt Romney, and the entire Republican organization began to screw over Ron Paul, Obama won.

    Also, no one actually believed the crap about “Romney’s Comeback”. It was just a BS stunt by the media to keep the election results interesting. Obama clearly “threw” the first election to make sure that people gave a crap about the election.

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    • It is also why I support GE crops. Yes here in America we have the choice to buy organic. But when you are starving, you dont care how your food was grown bigger. You just care that there is enough food. Besides if you really get into the nuts and bolts of agriculture you will find that humans have been doing genetic modification of plants pretty much since the beginning of known agriculture. Norman Borlaug is probably my main contemporary hero, because he saved millions, if not billions, of lives.

    • GMOs may feed a lot of people, but only in the short term. An growing amount of data is showing that it can cause cancer, sterility, and other ailments. So there can be as much GM food as you’d like, but it’s going to do more net harm than good

    • No offense, but I would rather have something like cancer that has the possibility to be cured, or even be sterile than starve to death. I have been without food before, and it hurts. Unless one wants to volunteer to take these peoples places and starve for them, I cannot see fighting against food production. I am not volunteering to take their places, and if I did and I found myself starving to death, I would gladly eat anything that was put in front of me.

  3. Romney lost because of Romney. The GOP couldn’t have shoved a more uninspiring candidate down our throats. Throughout the Primary it was an “anyone but Romney” push, that is why there were so so so many other front runners. Why did they not chose to even acknowledge the two men who could have increased the Republican base and lure in both independants and peace loving democrats (other than calling them fringe and “unelectable”), I will never know. Just last week I saw an article that referred to Ron Paul as a “wildly popular, yet unelectable candidate”, if that is not the definition of oxymoron; I don’t know what it would be. Gary Johnson is a better example. More likeable and “presidential” looking than Ron Paul, a very sucessful 2-term red governor in a blue State (one more term than Romney had) who left office with a high approval rating (also better than Romney), with actual ideas to combat the financial crisis that is so looming. “Not just a slightly more cost effective version of Obama”. Yep he would have been a better contendor against Obama, but guess what? He wasn’t allowed to participate in any republican debate, save one where he got less than 1 minute of air time. Don’t forget to thank the pundits and their various “unelectable” and “fringe” caveats for that one. Thank them again for informing everyone of all of their choices, which is their job. It amazes me how the news can create such self fulfilling prophesies and play kingmaker to an entire country. This is what used to be called propaganda.

  4. Only because of the shill in the wh is the reason I went ahead and voted for the establishment A$$ from Mass. You deralicks (SP) in the Grand Old Pubbary party just basically don’t give a rats about this once great nation. All you’re behind the scenes lobbyists were looking out for was more ways to fleece this once great nations treasuries and passing the buck to the US Taxpayer and all romnut was going to do was slow down the crash. Well get ready folks when the market falls believe me it won’t be the politician, attorney or lobbyist that are going to hurt it is going to be US.Taxpayer that will.
    You people sent all you’re aids and interns into all the forums to embarrass, harass, ridicule or what have you anyone who voiced an opinion about a nation they love so dearly and have most likely served honorably for all for the love of the almighty buck just so you can live to a ripe old age and laugh about it while getting your diaper changed in a nursing home someday but deep down the misery that you have within you will tear your spirit apart. Go ahead criticize me for I care not for one day I myself when it comes time for when I look back and see what I have done for a real cause at least my conscious will not only be unseared but clear as well, and I know I have comfort that I will hear “Well Done!”.

    • I’ve been a loyal Republican my entire life. I even voted for McCain even though I didn’t care too much for him. Once Romney became the official nominee, my sons (one a former Marine and the other a Drug Counselor) were saying I’m nuts because I told them that I was undecided as to whether I’d support Romney or write-in Ron Paul. Both of them are huge Ron Paul fans but they felt Romney was the lesser evil. On election day my Marine son sent me a photo of his ballet where he wrote-in Ron Paul and me for VP — I was so proud! The day after, my other son told me he just wrote-in Ron Paul:)

      There’s no question in my mind that there were millions of people who felt just like us — I am totally convinced that there was a significant “Ron Paul” effect.

      I was “undecided” all the way up until the election. I could have been willing to consider any bone, no matter how small or disingenuous, that Romney might throw to us Liberty supporters, but the incompetent SOB couldn’t even deliver on that. It was clear to me that he thought that because of his holiness, he didn’t need my vote. What a moron!

    • I was undecided until the final debate, which was seriously like watching two clones go at it. That was Romney’s last chance to drill Obama on Syria and Libya, but he never took the shot. Wound up trying to help Gary Johnson reach 5% just to at least add some substance to the debates in 2016. Even though it didn’t work out. I still feel good about my decision. If Johnson was not on the ballot, I would have left the presidential slot blank.

  5. I said this from day one. IF Romney wanted to win he either needed to publicly pick Ron Paul as his running partner or adjust the message coming out of the GOP. He failed to let America see him as human. The pumping his own gas in jeans or kakis, the Thanksgiving show no make up no fussiness that was the Mitt Americans needed to see. See him in NJ passing out food, blankets, etc. Have him steal the photo ops. Not with PR and looking like a fashion model but as a human being pitching in every where. Food Banks, Farms, etc. Soup Kitchens so he was in touch. Ron Paul was and is more in touch with America than either of the two dicks. People felt better the creep you know than the one you don’t. Mitt was way too stuff. Never let the Democrats use Abortion. Take it off the Republican Slate. No matter how you feel, you loose 90% of the women in the US when you let it hang out there. UGH.

    • Sheri I think Romney lost for a few different reasons. 1. He didn’t have the women’s vote because he let people know that he was against Abortions. Unfortunately the women today think it has to be their choice and their wrong, it’s Gods choice and only God!!! Abortions are murder!!! He lost it with the younger generation because he didn’t believe in Gay Rights and marriages. Gays shouldn’t have no rights let alone marriage rights. These things are against God!! And then the lazy low life’s didn’t vote for him because he wanted to creat jobs and make it harder for these jerks to play the system and live off the government. I know some of these things you go along with but GOD doesn’t. Romney was a up standing man that had some good values and good morals but Obama has no values no morals and won. We live in a sick world and its really sad that Im just finding this out!! People I thought I knew I didn’t even know. People I thought that had values and morals and to find out they didn’t. This election for me was a real eye opener…

    • And I disagree with you when you said take abortions off the slate. God doesn’t take it off the slate and it is ultimately God decision not the women’s choice!!! I know your for this but your wrong and Im glad you don’t have girls so you can’t teach them that abortions are OK.

    • Nadene Deanie Engel Garrabrant. Because abortion is such a personal issue that is strongly held to by both sides. I think it should not be on the platform. The Dems will always use it as a mighty wedge, and this time it worked. Even though no one has or will ever do anything about the issue. The President cannot reverse a court decision.

    • What I was saying is that Romney had to stand up firmly on his believes on abortions. How it got on the table I don’t know but I admire Romney for not backing down on what he believes to be right, and I know he lost most of the womens vote because of it. That just tells me theres alot of sick bitches out there that believe its their right to KILL a unborn child if thats what they choose to do, but you know its not their right. Only God has the right to take a life. Abortions are murder!!!! Obama/Biden didn’t think twice about saying that abortions are OK and its the womens right. Romney lost votes because of his believes but that just tells me he’a an upstanding kind of guy and he has values and morals, not like that IDIOT thats in office now.

    • Plus I don’t think anybody was trying to reverse anything. I think Romney/Ryan were just saying that their not gonna pick up the bill for it and Plant Parenthood should not be state funded. Why should tax payers money pay for abortions, the pill, and plant parenthood? You wanna play, you need to pay!!!

    • I completely agree with you on the issue of State rights. This was not the issue in the election though. Even though I understood what Romney was trying to say, many more didn’t. This is my “wedge issue” point. But the definition of abortion always hinges on the point when one feels that a zygote becomes a human and that is a very personal issue for everyone. Obama used this to drive a wedge that that fiscally conservative females could not ignore. Just saying that it should not be a part of a platform, because it will be demonized and lose many votes.

  6. I am NOT a Republican but normally vote that way because they once represented my views more closely than the Marxist left Democrat party. With that said, those that voted for Paul or Johnson in the general GAVE the election to Obama. You can come up with excuses about how Romney was a weak candidate and all that other BS, but when you crunch the numbers it clearly shows what happened. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson voters gave the USA another four years for a Marxist to cement his power over us.
    Thanks….. for nothing!