Walmart Strike and Protests: Art Activists Raises Awareness

Walmart Strike and Protests: Art Activists Raises Awareness


The art community has always been influential in helping to support political actions across the country. The strikes that occurred this past Friday at Walmart locations around the U.S. inspired artists to create messages for the public to stand with workers.

Over the past few weeks, the levels of awareness about the business and labor practices of the world’s largest retailer have increased, despite sales not being affected by the political actions. Some issues that have come to light include the following:

1. Walmart and the Waltons have funded anti-immigrant candidates.

2. Walmart is being investigated for corruption in Brazil, China and India.

3. If Walmart passed half the cost of raises to its customers to prevent its workers from having to rely on Medicaid and/or food stamps, the average household would pay just $17.73 more per year for its goods purchased from Walmart.

In the coming weeks, it will be interesting to see the extent that activists continue to raise awareness about Walmart’s business practices. The upcoming holidays will continue to provide opportunities to do this. And finally, will art continue to amplify the message?

For a collection of art graphics that focus on the Walmart strikes and protests, click here.

Featured graphic by Ray Hernandez.