Chris Brown, Rihanna vs. R. Kelly: Selective Outrage of The View

Chris Brown, Rihanna vs. R. Kelly: Selective Outrage of The View


It would be a wonderful world if I could say that R. Kelly is a controversial figure. It would be a relief to my sense of decency and dignity if anytime his name was mentioned in dinner party conversation that people got animated and upset and got into furious debates about the “Pied Piper of R&B”. Unfortunately none of the above is the case. People just generally accept R. Kelly and ignore his crimes against decency, children and overall tastefulness because, as I often hear “Well….he’s SOOOOO talented though.” Usually this type of thought process wouldn’t annoy me if it weren’t for the fact that occasionally it’s so hypocritical that I have to change the channel, which is exactly what happened last Friday in The View.

ABC’s the View presents a gaggle of women to sit down and discuss current events in a way that won’t annoy, turn-off or offend anybody. They have their fake controversies, their token Republican, and overall the show is neither great television nor an apocalyptic sign of where our nation is headed. However if you want to get the hosts of the show heated (Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Sheppard, Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hassellbeck) start talking about Chris Brown and Rihanna. Some of the shows more memorable debates have revolved around Mr. Brown and his assault on then (and apparently now again) girlfriend Rihanna and subsequent outbursts on Good Morning America and various other outlets. While Sherri Sheppard and Whoopi have come to Chris’s defense, or at least called for the public to hold off judgment until all of the ‘facts’ are out there, Elizabeth and Behar and Walters are much less generous. All of that is fine, the whole point of the show is debate on light topics, but last Friday the strain to retain even a shred of pop culture decency went out the window when the ladies of the View had on R. Kelly to perform his song “When a Man Lies”.

R. Kelly is a paedophile ( And No I never watched the video of him peeing on underage girls!). He beat the rap, barely, because his victims were young, poor disenfranchised women who couldn’t mount a consistent story against him even though the evidence was obvious and his defense was porous. Everyone knows he slept (sleeps?) with underage girls. When you get asked in an interview “Are you attracted to teenage girls” and your answer is “….Define teenage…” it’s a pretty safe bet you’re a pervert who uses his money and fame to have sex with young girls. If Dave Chappelle and Aziz Ansari can see it, I’m pretty sure the rest of America can too. Yet, somehow, when “Kels” came onto the view last Friday no one said a peep. No one spent Thursday’s show making a speech about how they felt about R. Kelly appearing the next day, or whether or not he was truly a reformed man (sine unlike Chris Brown Kelly never admitted he was wrong). Nope, not a peep.  I guess because it’s easier to attack Chris Brown because he’s still a relatively young talent, and his Drake, Rihanna love triangle story is still juicy than remind the public that R. Kelly is a sick monster that never paid any price for the abuse he’s heaped upon who knows how many young women.

The View aren’t supposed to be scions of popular culture but at the very least if they proclaim to care about women they should speak up for all women. Coming to the defense of Rihanna over Chris Brown is fine, but Ri-Ri is rich, has plenty of access to therapy, and obviously thinks Chris Brown has rehabilitated himself. Ignoring the victims of R. Kelly’s abuse, because Mr. Kelly is a bigger star, or has a new album to drop, or worse because his victims are nameless poor girls from Chicago is not okay. You can defend both. But apparently the hosts of the show save their outrage for topics that move the ratings needle.


  1. You ignorant fat fuck. How are you going to defend Chris Brown and attack R. Kelly? Apples and oranges. The difference is that R. Kelly doesn’t act erratic and defend himself whenever someone disses him like Chris Brown’s crazy ass. Fuck off, you ugly fat miserable fuck.

  2. With respect @Becca slays, nowhere in this article does Jason Johnson defend Chris_B…he wonders aloud about the lack of moral outrage to do with a paedo, R.Kelly compared to the horrible mistake of of a 19yr old. Very fair comment from him, I might add. Don’t forget Roman Polanski!
    I am convinced raping kids ought to cause more outrage in society than 2 adults misbehaving – don’t ya?

  3. Please burn! r.kelly is a genius, matured adult who whatever they said he did has being long forgiven by his fans, if you’re more righteous than Jesus Christ himself who told US in the bible “to judge not” then I bet you my friend hell fire is destined for the likes of people like you who take pride in judging others while their closet is full of sh*t.USELESS ARTICLE.

  4. R Kelly paid the price, he did his time. Plenty of young teenage girls are dressing up and carrying fake Ids, plenty of them teenage girls want to fuck older men, whether it be Kells or the guy next door and that’s never going to stop. Not to mention the fact that what Kells wants to do with his dick in his spare time is none of our business. Whre were all these young girls parents by the way? BTW I watched the video and it don’t even look that much like him. People have to also realise celebrities are targets, just like MJ, just like anyone who draws attention to themselves for one reason or another. I don’t think R kelly pulled young innocent girls from their homes and took them to his house and raped them did he? The girls weren’t thinking about taking kells to court when they were turning up with their g strings pretending to be of age just to get some dick… it works both ways.

  5. This mutherfucker is hating R. Kelly passionately, well I don’t think R. Kelly give a fuck about u either, U r entitled to ya freedom speech bitch coz u r a media man/woman whatever u r. Dind u hear the saying “guilty proven innocent” well in this case R. Kelly was innocent now this mutherfucker is victimising kells bcoz of his innocence. Think again before u saying that stinking shit out of ya mouth. We love R. Kelly he was innocent frm the start.

  6. the author of this mess must be a chris brown fan. since Ive only seen these types of articles wrote by chris brown fans asking why r kelly is treated differently. they should ask themselves why chris brown continues to act an ass instead of ignoring people who provoke him. r kelly has many people who speak out about him. but you don’t see him acting a fool and talking about shitting in their eye like chris brown just recently did.

  7. Chris Brown was dead wrong and so was R. Kelly. I agree that if people defend one and condemn the other either way, they are hypocrites. R. Kelly definitely deserves condemnation, regardless of his talent, because he exploited underage girls while he was definitely an adult. It’s pointless to call any of these girls “fast,” because an ADULT MALE has no business messing with them. In his case, he went looking for them, not the other way around. If a white entertainer had done what R. Kelly did to young black girls anywhere, no black man or black woman defending R. Kelly would be taking up for the hypothetical white entertainer, even if he was popular with them. As for those who think because R. Kelly was found “not guilty” he is innocent, do any of you believe the same thing about George Zimmerman who was also found not guilty? I love the way some among us black folks will quickly come down on any real or perceived offense from non-blacks, especially whites. But we are quick to excuse sick behavior from popular black entertainers that harms other black folks. If we don’t value our kids, we can’t expect white folks to value them. It all begins with us.