Harris Rosen

Harris Rosen


Name: Harris Rosen

Title/Occupation: President   & COO, Rosen Hotels and Resorts

Organization: Rosen Hotels and Resorts

What Makes The Person A Game Changer:  Harris Rosen currently serves as President & COO of Rosen Hotels and Resorts and has become one of Florida’s top businessmen.  Harris received his Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and then served three years in the U.S. Army as an officer in Germany and South Korea.  He began his career at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City as a file clerk and continued with the Hilton Hotel Corporation in various management positions.  After working with the Hilton Hotel Corporation, Harris began working with the Walt Disney Company.  While at Walt Disney, Harris was told by his bosses that they thought he would never become “a company man” and he was fired.  After being fired, he purchased a 256-room bankrupt Quality Inn hotel in Orlando, FL with his entire $20,000 life savings.  That Quality Inn hotel turned out to be the second largest Quality Inn in the hotel chain’s history.  Today, Harris is the President & COO of his own chain of hotels and resorts.  Rosen Hotels and Resorts administer 6,300 rooms, have 3,500 employees, and is valued at over $500 million. A 38-year resident of Orlando, Rosen has repeatedly been recognized by the Central Florida community for his philanthropic efforts and has been recognized as a “Healthcare Hero”, one of the Florida’s “Top Ten CEOs”, and one of Florida’s “Most Influential Executives.”