Long Lines for Black Voters in Battleground Virginia

Long Lines for Black Voters in Battleground Virginia


NORFOLK, VA — Rep. Gerry Connolly, a moderate Democrat who represents Fairfax, Va., one of the wealthiest congressional districts in the nation, tweeted this a few hours ago:

“Outrageous situation at Potomac Middle in #PWC. Only 6 machines for 5100 reg. voters. Largely minority vote being suppressed. — Gerry”

Just look at the photo. From Fairfax in the north to Hampton and Norfolk in the south, the lines were long in battleground Virginia.  And who is standing in those long lines?  Again, look at the photos, it’s mostly minority voters.  In Virginia, many of those voters are required to wait in long lines for hours because Virginia has no early voting.

At a high school in Norfolk, Va., this morning, about 150 people stood in line in the cold outside.  At a recreation center nearby, about 100 stood out in the cold along with 8 cars full of elderly people lined up to vote curbside.  Today in southern Virginia it was 30 degrees. The problem:  There were only two machines inside the polling places.  Despite the cold and the long wait time, no one was seen leaving the line.

There was some other good news: At the polling stops in Norfolk, Petersburg and Hampton there was a voter protection attorney keeping an eye on things.