1:39pm November 4, 2012

With Jay-Z and Bruce, Obama’s Final Campaign Hours Will Be in OH, WI, IA


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Majority of Voters in Rep. Steve King’s District Support Path to Citizenship

A poll released yesterday by the American Action Network shows that 68% of voters in Rep. Steve King’s Iowa district support an earned path to legalization and that 65% support an earned pathway to citizenship. Congressma...
by Adriana Maestas


‘Irresistible’ Dental Assistant Fired, Cries Sex Discrimination

Iowa’s all-male Supreme Court recently affirmed the lower court’s ruling in favor of a male employer who fired a female employee whom he found attractive. Dr. James Knight terminated Melissa Nelson, Knight’s dental as...
by Imani Jackson


The Latino Vote: Obama, the Economy, Hate and Democrats

Latino voters accounted for 10% of the voting population in the 2012 election, up from 2008, and in several races these voters proved to be a pivotal voting bloc. In many key swing states that went to President Barack Obama on ...
by Sara Inés Calderón



Time to Stop Inaccurate, Discriminatory Voter Purges

By Katherine Culliton-González, Director of Voter Protection at The Advancement Project States across the country are attempting to purge voter rolls of alleged noncitizens in an alarming escalation of Latino voter suppress...
by Guest Contributor


Black Iowans Put Racism on Trial

Can Blacks sue based on the implicit bias of Whites?
by Jason Johnson


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