Lena Dunham Goes Russian for Obama

Lena Dunham Goes Russian for Obama


Over a year ago I wrote about the sexy ad from Vladimir Putin about “coming” out to vote. Putin actually had two ads in order to ensure his re-election based on his slogan “Let’s do it together”. The first featured a hot young couple stumbling into a voting booth to have sex and push the lever for Putin, and the second was an extended metaphor about how voting for Putin would be like “Your First Time”. To Russians these ads weren’t even funny, there were just par for the course. Of course our former enemies in the East are a bit more progressive than we are here, since apparently “GIRLS” creator Lena Dunham’s new pro-Obama commercial, featuring the same extended metaphor.

Conservatives are understandably having fits about Dunham’s ad, although in this era of Samuel L. Jackson cursing his way through GOTV efforts, and women dressed as Big Bird to support Obama Lena’s seems almost quaint. If you are even remotely aware of her hit HBO show “GIRLS” (or the massive controversy surrounding it) you should know that Dunham prides herself on overt sex talk, depicting embarrassing sexual experiences and displaying her very Hollywood unfriendly physique on America’s viewing audience. For conservatives to complain about the ad, especially in a week when Mitt Romney just got caught up with yet another misogynistic back-water Republican’s views on women, only reinforces the gender gap in this year’s election which is one reason why Rom-mentum has come to a grinding halt.

Ultimately this commercial is not  going to make anymore difference than the thousands of other ads being run, but you have to wonder: In this modern rapid fire world of campaign commercials is the point to actually run ads that people view, or simple run ads that the press will talk about? It seems like the second method is a better way to get your message out.