Chris Christie Calls President Obama’s Hurricane Response “Outstanding”

Chris Christie Calls President Obama’s Hurricane Response “Outstanding”


Storm Blows Away Politics. In a rare example of how politics doesn’t necessarily need to be involved in every single situation, Gov. Chris Christie praised President Obama on his response to Hurricane Sandy this morning.  As the Presidential campaign has come to a halt and scheduled trips are cancelled for both candidates, attention has turned to one of the worst storms to hit the east in many years.  The President will travel to New Jersey tomorrow to review storm damage with Gov. Christie.

The Republican Governor, who delivered the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention, put politics aside this morning and praised President Obama and his administration.  Hurricane Sandy destroyed a section of the Atlantic City boardwalk and flooded New Jersey’s coast.

Christie told GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos that “he was able to move forward very quickly with a major disaster declaration for New Jersey… I have to say the Administration, the President himself… have been outstanding with us so far.  We have a great partnership with them,” the New Jersey Governor said.