2:51pm October 26, 2012

Michelle Obama Appears in New Campaign Spanish Language Ad with Cristina

Michelle Obama in Spanish Language Ad

In another nod to the importance of shoring up support and enthusiasm among Latino voters, First Lady Michelle Obama made an appearance in a new Spanish language ad that is airing on television and on the radio in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia. This ad features the Latina “Oprah” Cristina Saralegui asking the First Lady in Spanish, “Why is it so important for Latinos to vote in this election?” Mrs. Obama then answers in English, which is translated into Spanish with subtitles.

Notice how the first policy that the First Lady mentions is “comprehensive immigration reform,” which has come under criticism for not being a policy accomplishment in the current administration. Health care and education are also mentioned by the Mrs. Obama.

Recent polls show that Latino voter enthusiasm is up and that the edge President Obama has in key swing states can be attributed to this voting block. This particular ad shows a familiar face in Cristina Saralegui, who has been on television for years as a talk show host. Saralegui has appeared in another Obama campaign ad earlier this year and delivered a speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte in September.

Mrs. Obama has also been key in reaching out to Latino voters. Back in July, she sat down with a group of Latina moms on at the Mamiverse to discuss issues facing Latino families.

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