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El Cocinero Obama Burned His Mojito: New Nickname Prompts Requests for Details

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By Raul Espinosa

My recent OP-EDs about Obama on Politic365 and FoxNewsLatino highlighting proof of the Obama ‘cooking’ of government statistics for political purposes, leads me to this follow up. My example dealt with the government contracting results with small businesses on the SBA Report Card to excuse hiding over $100 Billion in eligible contracts from the statutory set-aside reservation during his four years in office. Do you know that Obama is opposed to the bi-partisan legislation, currently before the Senate, that would increase the ceiling on set-asides from 23% to 25%?

This follow-up will rate not only his ‘cooking,’ but his ‘blunders,’ which are so bad that even his own political strategists chipped in to buy him a new casuela (a pot) to cook on!  Former GE CEO and prominent businessman Jack Welsh, on a CNN AC360 interview brought national attention to the Obama Administration ‘cooking’ by referencing its manipulation of labor statistics for political purposes. What a shame!

Since the second debate, the Obama and Romney plans –  to benefit small businesses – were scrutinized to demonstrate that “Obama esta tostado (he is toast!)   My claim that the President had earned the nickname EL COCINERO (the chef) has prompted thousands of requests for details on how his actions will affect Hispanics and minorities.

First of all, let me say unequivocally, that Obamas was caught ‘cooking’ statistics and, as far as a chef, he deserves to be fired because “Obama quemo su mojito.”  In Spanish we say, “El cocinero es malo cuando le echa la culpa al mojito.” (A Chef is bad when he blames the results of his actions either on others or on the circumstances!)

To better appreciate my metaphor, let me provide you with a summary of the Obama failures – researched by author James Toomey in his book, Change You can Really Believe In:  The Obama Legacy of Broken Promises and Failed Policies, does an excellent job at accounting for each and every one of the Obama Administration blunders!

Mr. Toomey’s excellent expose has the power to convince Obama supporters and those who are still  considering voting for him that EL COCINERO does NOT deserve another four years in office.  His record, as far as Hispanics are concerned, especially about creating jobs, is HORROROSO! (horrible). One only has to review these FACTS  before casting a vote in November.

The Obama Blunders

* There were more payroll jobs in June 2005 than there are payroll jobs today.
* There were more private sector payroll jobs in November 2000 than there are payroll jobs today.
* There are 4.6 million fewer payroll jobs today than there were in January 2007.
* The ratio of Employed Persons to working-age population averaged 58.4% over the past 24 months, a lower number than anytime, going back as far as October 1983.
* August 2012 established an all-time record for the number of adult Americans not working at 101.5 million.
* The proportion of adults not working averaged 36.9% in the 10 years prior to Obama’s inauguration. It has averaged 41.3% since then.
* Only 9.2% of adult new entrants to the population have found their way into the workforce. The ratio was 94.8% for Carter, 92.9% for Reagan, 60.2% for Bush, 77.3% for Clinton and 50% for Bush.
* August Labor Force Participation Rate at 63.6% was lower than at any time since October 1981.
* August Labor Force Participation Rate for Men at 69.8% was lower than at any time since 1948.
* Since October 2008, the civilian labor force has grown by only 188,000 or 4,000 a month while the working-age adult population grew by 9.4 million persons.
* There are 354,000 fewer employed persons in the BLS Household Survey and 147,000 fewer payroll jobs than on inauguration day in Jan. 2009.
* Real GDP has averaged 1.45% per year in the 14 quarters since Obama’s inauguration.
* Economic growth has been lower in this recovery than in any post-War recovery.
* Average 4-year real GDP annual growth has been below 0.5% in every one of the 14 quarters since Obama’s inauguration, a feat unprecedented in modern U.S. history. Back to 1951, there is only one single quarter when the 4-year real GDP average ticked below 0.5%.
* Budget deficits as a percent of federal outlays averaged 37.2% during Obama’s term. The average in the prior ten years was 5.9% * Federal outlays as a percentage of real GDP averaged 24.4% during Obama’s years. The prior 10-year average was 19.4%.
* Since inauguration day, public debt has increased by $5.44 trillion, a rate of $128 billion a month.
* Median household personal income declined by $4,300 during the Obama years.
* Real personal income is lower today than it was in Q4 2006 when there were only 94.6% as many adults in the population.
* The 3-year record of household formation is lower than any time since World War II.
* Gasoline prices are $2.00 per gallon higher today than on his inauguration day.
* The Case-Shiller 20-city average of home prices is lower today than in July 2003.
* The number of Americans living in poverty of 49.6 million is higher today than any time in the 53-year history of Census measurement.

The above facts, which Toomey accounted for on his book, demonstrate that neither the Obama record nor his lies cannot be supported by anyone, not even comedians! Actress Rosie Perez, who had campaigned for President Obama in the past, mocks sympathy for Romney, joking that the election would be “in the bag” if Romney was a “lesbian Latina.”  Sorry,  Rosie, you should not make fun of our future under Obama!

Yes, Obama burned his mojito!  As we would say in Spanish,  El que siembra su maiz, que se coma su pinole (“When you screw up, you have to face the consequences.”)


Raul Espinosa has been recognized as ‘One of the Nation Top Diversity Champions.” He is an expert on the subject of inclusion and diversity for Hispanics and minorities in public contracting, a $3 Trillion marketplace. Raul is the Founder and CEO of the Fairness in Procurement Alliance (FPA) and the Managing Partner of the Umbrella Initiative whose mission is “to double the number of small and minority businesses contracting with the Federal, State and local governments by the year 2020.” The Umbrella Initiative manages an academic Think Tank which specializes in offering solutions to government and private industry in the area of diversity and inclusion. He can be reached at @umbrellaiorg.

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