Latino Unemployment Dips Slightly Below 10% to Lowest Rate in 4 Years

Latino Unemployment Dips Slightly Below 10% to Lowest Rate in 4 Years


Friday’s jobs report did show a slight dip in unemployment for Latinos, who have had higher than average unemployment during the recession and recovery. While much was made of the news that the September unemployment rate for the nation had dipped under 8% to 7.8%, the Latino unemployment rate went from 10.1% in August to 9.9% in September.

Raisa Camargo at VOXXI explains:

“For months, analysts have said the president would need an unemployment rate below 8 percent for his reelection prospects.

“It shouldn’t be shocking that we’re going in the right direction because we have been doing it for 35 months,” said Estuardo Rodriguez, a Democratic strategist and surrogate for Obama’s campaign.

“In this instance, we actually see that’s out of a result of people finding more work and that’s also important to underscore the direction that we’re going.”

Rodriguez explained that the last two months feed into the change from 8.1 percent to 7.8 percent. The Department of Labor gets additional submissions and reports a few weeks after the job statistics are released every month. The adjustments that were reported in the last month were upward, he said.

According to DOL, an additional 86,000 more Americans found jobs in July and August than had been previously reported.

“Is it helpful to the president? Without a doubt,” Rodriguez said.

In swing states such as Nevada and Florida the unemployment rate has hit the Latino population particularly hard. Yet, despite the grim economy, more Latinos in these two states favor the president over the GOP candidate Mitt Romney.”

And it shouldn’t be too surprising that Latinos in swing states such as Florida and Nevada strongly favor President Obama. Recent polls show that Latinos favor government involvement to solve the nation’s problems, favor increased taxes on the wealthy to help reduce the national debt, and favor the government investing resources in federal projects to help stimulate the economy, which are policies that coincide with the Obama agenda.