2:58pm October 5, 2012

President Obama Crushing Romney Among Hispanics in Swing States


“President Obama is crushing Mitt Romney among swing-state Hispanics, according to two new polls out from nonpartisan pollster Latino Decisions,” reports The Hill’s Cameron Joseph this morning.

“In Florida, where the Republican-leaning Cuban population bolsters Latino GOP support, Obama leads Romney by a 30-point margin, at 61 percent to 31. That’s double the 15-point edge he had with the state’s Hispanics four years ago, when he carried the demographic group by 57 percent to 42,” according to The Hill.

Also according to the poll, “Obama leads Romney by 78 to 17 percent with Nevada’s Hispanic voters, a huge gap that outpaces the 76-to-22 percent edge he had over Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) four years ago in the state.”

Just this week, Romney flipped on his position on deferred action policy.  Will disregarding the Hispanic vote be the biggest factor on November 6?

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Lauren Victoria Burke
Lauren Victoria Burke
Lauren Victoria Burke is an independent journalist who analyses politics and justice reform. She created Crewof42.com, a blog that covers the work of African American members of Congress, in 2009. Ms. Burke has also been a staffer for the Senate Democratic Policy Committee and Director of Communications for Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN). She has had a very diverse career in politics and media and appears weekly on NewsOneNow with Roland Martin. She has also appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Politics Nation with Al Sharpton and Up with Steve Kornacki on MSNBC. She is also a contributing writer for NBCNews.com and TheRoot.com Ms. Burke has also authored three books of photography including two on President Obama's 2008 campaign for the presidency and one with Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee. Ms. Burke was born in the Bronx, New York and grew up on Long Island. She holds a B.A. in History from The American University. E-mail: LBurke007@gmail.com. Twitter: @LVBurke. Instagram: LVB325.



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