3:57pm September 27, 2012

Tech in Texas Tries to Recruit More Women, Minorities


Where are all the women in tech?

It’s a simple question with a complicated answer. A recent report tried to answer the question, especially given as we wrote recently, that even when girls are interested in STEM they aren’t likely to pursue it as a career.

Nationally, according to the report, just 25% of computer and information technology jobs are held by women. When it comes to supervisory roles, at the top of the corporate ladder, this percentage drops to 20%. Which is to say, the numbers aren’t very promising — especially when you factor in race: Asian women make up 4% of the workforce, African American women 3% and Latinas just 1%.

At first glance, it seems a “traditional” cry: we simply can’t find anyone qualified. Nick Longo, director at Geekdom, a tech co-working space in San Antonio, Texas said in the report:

“I want more women in tech, too. It doesn’t matter. Women aren’t lining up around the block for jobs.”

But some others are doing better.

At the University of Incarnate Word, a private university in San Antonio, women in tech are growing. The numbers, according to the report, include:

  • 1/3 of students in technology programs are women
  • 50% of students in computer graphic arts are women
  • 50% of business IT students are women

And San Antonio’s Rackspace hosting company has seen some promising results after instituting a diversity program. To learn more about diversity in tech, especially women, in San Antonio read the complete story here.

This post originally appeared on Más Wired.

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  1. Jshonette

    This is awesome news and and awesome read! I am planning on going to grad school for Information Assurance in 2013, and this just makes me more excited and motivated to do it! =)

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