New Obama Spanish Language Ads Hit Romney on Higher Education

New Obama Spanish Language Ads Hit Romney on Higher Education

Obama ad "El Candado"

With Latinos being the largest minority group in college and over 90% of Latino parents indicating that it is extremely or quite important to them that their child attend and graduate from college, it’s no wonder that the Obama campaign would seize on this issue to contrast the policies of the President with those of Mitt Romney. Earlier this week, the Obama campaign released new ads to air on the radio and the television to explain what might happen to Latino college students if Mitt Romney is elected.

Check out “El Candado,” translated as “the lockout” explaining how Latino college students could have less access to Pell Grants and work study if Romney and Ryan’s budget proposal became a reality:

The ad is translated as follows:

“President Romney, what would that signify? For our children, a difficult road to college. Up to two million Hispanic students could have their Pell grants cut by $1,000. Thousands more would lose their federal work study. And under his plan, there would be less money for community colleges. Register today so Romney doesn’t shut these doors.”

This ad will air in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia.

A report that was released this summer by the White House shows that the administration’s action in raising the maximum Pell grant award will benefit 150,000 Hispanic students. There has also been a 50 percent increase in the number of students who receive Pell Grants since 2008.

Latinos students are among those least likely to afford college and are more likely to begin their college education at community colleges. The Obama campaign’s latest Spanish language ad will likely resonate with young Latinos and families with children because of the concerns about college affordability and what access to education means for the community’s future.