Hugh Atkin Strikes Again with MC Obama’s “U Didn’t Build That”

Hugh Atkin Strikes Again with MC Obama’s “U Didn’t Build That”


I believe that MC Hammer might be on his 5th pop culture comeback thanks to Australian graduate student Hugh Atkin and his penchant for witty mash-ups. Earlier this year Atkin went viral with a brilliant mash-up song version of Mitt Romney doing a cover of Eminem with “Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?”. Not only was the song hilarious and catchy but as I wrote at the time it perfectly encapsulated everything that was going to plague Mitt Romney from the moment he won the GOP nomination. Not it’s Obama’s turn, and Atkins has turned his comedic editing and splicing skills on Obama’s infamous “You Didn’t Build That” comment to make an MC Hammer themed “U Didn’t Build That”. The question is, will it be as funny as the Romney mix from the spring?

Now I must admit the song starts off pretty well.

“Mitt Romney strikes me, so hard.
Makes me feel like Shirley Sherrod.

Out of context, those words aren’t mine.
The private sector’s doing fine.
Feels good, when the economy’s weak,
Responding with a national security leak.
Osama Bin Laden, I killed.
And that was a mission you didn’t build.”

Any opportunity to remind the public of how Obama basically left Shirley Sherrod out to dry in order to pander to Republican Party’s version of Punk’D is a good thing. However the song just doesn’t have the punch of the Mitt Romney / Eminem jam. Why? Probably because Obama just isn’t as much fun to poke fun at as Mitt Romney. You can definitely criticize Obama, and dislike his policies but as a comedy target for a spoof song Mitt Romney is just bursting with material while Obama? Not so much. I guess that’s why Republicans are always straining to make jokes about teleprompters because deep down even they know Barack just isn’t that funny. Either way, I’m hoping Atkin picks up his game with these satires, maybe even picking songs that are more in tune with the candidate’s personalities. I would personally love to see Joe Biden sing a version of “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks. Or even better see his veep pick do a Gym Class Heroes cover with “Ryan’s Chokehold”. I’m pretty sure we could all enjoy a stanza of “Take a look at my budget, it’s the only one I’ve got….”