Game Over? President Obama Leads Romney in Ohio, Florida and Virginia

Game Over? President Obama Leads Romney in Ohio, Florida and Virginia


Only 52 Days to Go. President Obama remains ahead of Mitt Romney in the three important states of Ohio (18), Florida (29) and Virginia (13) according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.  These three battleground states total 60 electoral votes.

If President Obama were to win all three, Romney would have virtually no chance of defeating the President on November 6.  Additionally, in a poll by New Hampshire’s WMUR-TV, President Obama is leading Romney 45% to 40% in that key swing state.

But even if Romney were to win New Hampshire (4) and all the other swing and “close” states of North Carolina (15), Pennsylvania (20), Wisconsin (10) and Colorado (9) along with virtually all of the South, he would still lose to President Obama if he fails to win the three key states of Florida, Virginia and Ohio.

As reported last night by The Grio’s Perry Bacon, details of the new poll by NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist College polls, put the President solidly ahead of Romney in those three battleground states.

The poll shows President Obama ahead 49% to 44% in Florida, 49% to 44% in Virginia and 50% to 43% in Ohio. Romney is failing to make gains on President Obama in these states.  In late May, Obama led in these polls 48% to 44% in Florida and Virginia and 48% to 42% in Ohio, Bacon also reports.

The situation highlights the importance of the upcoming presidential debates.  The first debate is on October 3.  The full schedule can be seen here.

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