Biden at CHCI: Hispanics “Most Powerful Force in American Politics”

Biden at CHCI: Hispanics “Most Powerful Force in American Politics”


Vice President Biden laid it on thick with thanks and praise in his speech in front of  the annual gathering of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) gala yesterday.

Biden told the audience, “Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to become, and already have, the most powerful force in American politics. Exercise that power well, and the country will embrace you.”

At 16% of the US population with about 10.9 million registered voters, Latinos are expected to have a big impact in this year’s election especially in key swing states such as Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Florida. Yet experts are already predicting that the nation’s largest minority group will not turn out in November in the numbers that they did in 2008. Four years ago, the Latino electorate stood at 11.6 million people and this year it will likely decline to just a little over 11 million.

Biden took the opportunity on Thursday to talk up some of the administration’s accomplishments that are of relevance to Latino voters, specifically mentioning the new deferred action for childhood arrivals program (DACA). He also indicated that the administration will continue to push for a pathway to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants. And he talked about how education is the way up for the Latino community while praising the efforts of CHCI in creating internships for Latino college students.