Excited Pizza Shop Owner Power Lifts President

Excited Pizza Shop Owner Power Lifts President


The owner of a a pizza shop in Florida swept President Obama off his feet.  Literally.

Scott Van Duzen, the owner of Big Apple Pizza & Pasta Restaurant in Fort Pierce, Fla., told reporters he was “overcome with excitement,” as he greeted the President.

“Scott, let me tell you, you are like the biggest pizza shop owner I’ve ever seen,” said President Obama as he entered the pizza parlor.

Van Duzer, 46, of Port St. Lucie, is 6-foot-3, weighs 260 pounds and told reporters in the travel pool he can bench press 350 pounds. After a greeting and an embrace Van Duzen lifted President Obama up off the ground.

“Look at that!” Obama exclaimed once back on firm ground. “Man are you a powerlifter or what?”

The President stopped by Van Duzen’s shop to make a special note of his work regarding blood donations. “One of the reasons that we wanted to stop by is that Scott has been doing unbelievable work out of this pizza shop in promoting the importance of donating blood,” President Obama said.

“He has set some records here in Florida. He has received commendations from the White House, the surgeon general, he  has galvanized and mobilized the local community and he’s educating kids and folks all across the country on this issue… So we just want to say how proud we are of him. I still wonder how he got these biceps, but what we know is that the guy’s just got a big heart along with big pecs. So we’re very proud of him and we just want to say thank you for all the great work,” the Presdent said.

Van Duzer also told reporters he is a registered Republican but he voted for President Obama in 2008 and said he will again in November.

“I don’t vote party line, I vote who I feel comfortable with, and I do feel extremely comfortable with him,” Van Duzer told reporters.

No word on Secret Service reaction regarding Van Duzen’s enthusiastic greeting.



  1. See Wilard…..THIS ! is something YOU can NEVER BUY !

    A person’s HUMANITY !…..I can NEVER see ANYONE who WORKS for a Living,or Own a Small Buisness,HUG you like that !

    Something Spontaneous !….and Heart Felt !

    All of YOURs and YOUR High Donors $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ can NEVER BUY THAT !

    4 More Years !

  2. The guy is genuinely happy and excited to have the President of the United States in his business! Nothing wrong with that, he's happy! I'm gonna eat there next time I'm down. Great to see an American small business owner smiling! We will trade ya for our Prime Minister and his Deputy!

  3. Petra, nyissd az abkalot! :)))Andrea, kf6szf6nf6m fe9rj neve9ben is ;-)Katucikonyha, pizze1ra fel!!c9va, kf6szf6nf6m fe9rj neve9ben is. Bizony, az ő műve (me9g be is ve1se1rolt hozze1, e9s el is mosogatott ute1na, vagy azt me1r e9n??). Nagyon fcgyesen forgatja a fakanalat is, ha kell 😉

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