Sen. Bernie Sanders: Real Jobless Rate is 15%

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Real Jobless Rate is 15%


When outlining a six-point plan for President Barack Obama to win over middle class voters, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said that the current unemployment rate is 15 percent, not the 8.3 percent seasonally adjusted rate as of July 2012 as the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated in its latest report.

“In order to win support from the American middle class, it is absolutely imperative that the president provide a strong agenda that speaks to their needs, and that makes clear he will fight to win those proposals against the right-wing extremists who now control the┬áRepublican Party,” Sanders said in a statement.

Sanders then proposed that President Obama should articulate that he would not cut social security, that he is not going to “balance the budget on the backs of the elderly” but will reduce the deficit by raising taxes on higher-income Americans, closing tax loopholes, and looking at cuts in defense spending.

But then he said: “Given that real unemployment is 15%, the president must propose a major jobs program to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure (roads, bridges, water systems, waste water plants, airports and railroads) and, in the process, create millions of good paying jobs.”

At the time of Sander’s post, the Bureau of Labor Statistics had yet to post the unemployment numbers for August.


  1. We the underclass and especially those hit hardest by chronic un/underemployment need to ge out in front of this alledged debate so that our collective voices are heard. We are suffering and being held financially accountable and punished by courts,jurisdictions and other entities for monies that don't exist. If we keep allowing this <15% myth to continue, those in power will never address the injustice and just give lipservice to the status quo while we drown.