#VoiceYourVote College Tour: Final Stop is UNC Charlotte

#VoiceYourVote College Tour: Final Stop is UNC Charlotte


Today the #VoiceYourVote College tour will make its last stop at UNC Charlotte from 9 p.m.  to 11 p.m. tonight.

As the nation approaches the pivotal 2012 election season, Politic365, the nation’s leading news source on multicultural politics, launched its #VoiceYourVote campaign to give millennial voters between the ages of 18 and 29 a national media platform to voice their opinions on the issues that matter to them.

Using social media platforms and grassroots mobilization, Politic365 and its partners ColorofChange.org, the nation’s largest Black online civil rights organization, and OUR TIME, a nonprofit membership organization  that promotes economic opportunities for those under age 30, will reach one million people of this critical constituency to explore jobs, education, healthcare, immigration and voter participation – issues certain to be decisive in determining the nation’s next president and Congress.

“VoiceYourVote is about more than capturing the spirit of the moment,” said Politic365 Editor-in-Chief Kristal High. “It’s about empowering the engines of America’s future to be socially conscious, politically active and civically engaged. Considering changing demographics and the decisive role young people played in the 2008 elections, millennials can determine America’s future.  Yet in political dialogue and news reporting, their voices are often unacknowledged or undervalued.  Politic365 will change that.”

Politic365’s millennial-focused civic engagement campaign will also be a prelude to 14 face-to-face events that will occur in conjunction with the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.  Starting on Aug. 22 in Orlando, Fla. and ending on Sept.6, in Charlotte, N.C., Politic365 and its partners will connect with the millennial electorate during an eleven-college/university tour that will take place in Florida and North Carolina. The organizations will also conduct policy forums in Tampa and Charlotte that will feature national student leaders, young and seasoned elected officials and community and industry leaders.

To participate in or observe the video commentary, submit posts and inquiries to policymakers through the #VoiceYourVote movement, visit http://www.Politic365.com/voiceyourvote, or search #VoiceYourVote on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.