Manuel Maroño

Manuel Maroño


Name: Manuel Maroño

Title/Occupation: Mayor

Organization: Sweetwater, Florida

What Makes The Person A Game Changer: The Honorable Manuel Maroño began his public service career by becoming the youngest person ever elected to Sweetwater, Florida’s city commission at the age of 23. From 1995 onward, Maroño has served as the commission’s president as well as vice mayor. In his current position as mayor of Sweetwater, Maroño has improved the quality of life in the city in a number of ways. He became the first mayor in the nation to ban synthetic drugs on a municipal level, secured $10 million for stormwater drainage projects, established the city’s Social Services Office, renovated the city’s youth and senior centers, beautified the city with green initiatives and initiated several roadway improvement projects, and tripled his city’s size and budget through a major land annexation.

Mayor Maroño is also an advocate for sexually abused children, which is evidenced through his involvement with the Kristi House – a Miami-based organization that is dedicated  to ending the epidemic of child sexual abuse – and when he informed Florida  State Attorney General Pam Bondi about the prevalence of human trafficking in the South Florida area.

Additionally, Mayor Maroño is the president of the Florida League of Cities , and he also serves as a Commissioner of the Florida Transportation Commission, Member of the South Florida Regional Planning Council, Past President of the Miami-Dade League of Cities, Executive Board Member of the Beacon Council and Founding Board Member of the Florida League of Mayors.

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