1:30pm September 1, 2012

Poll Says Number of Black GOP Delegates Jumped Since 2008

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Fresh from a controversial NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll which stated that Mitt Romney will receive 0% of the Black vote, the Joint Center for Political and Economic studies followed up with its own poll of the Republican National Convention Attendees.

The report discovered that there were  47 African Americans who were part of convention delegates at the 2012 Republican National Convention which just wrapped in Tampa, Florida. That number amounts to  2.1 percent of total delegates.

Although it seems like a stark miniscule amount, in actuality, it represents a jump in Black representation compared to the last convention..

There were 38 black delegates to the Republican Convention in Minneapolis in 2008 or 1.6 percent of the total number of delegates.

However,  that number still paled in comparison to the 2004 Republican Convention, held in New York, when there were 167 black Republican delegates, representing 6.7 percent of the total.

The Joint Center has packaged this data in its Convention Guide which offers a comprehensive look at African Americans, their voting patterns and preferences and their relationship as voting citizens to the Republican Party.  The guide also includes historical data on black voting patterns in recent decades and focuses on states where the black vote has the potential to affect the outcome of the presidential election as well as several Senate contests.

A similar guide to the Democratic Convention will be released next week when the Democrats meet in Charlotte, NC.

“The new report, Blacks and the 2012 Republican National Convention, continues the Joint Center’s role as the go-to source for information about African Americans and their participation in the American political system,” said Ralph B. Everett, the President and CEO of the Joint Center. “African American voters are a potent political bloc that neither major party can afford to ignore.”

Since being founded in 1970, The Joint Center has analyzed the impact of the black vote shortly after the organization was founded in 1970.  This year’s compilation is not as complete as it could be and represents just 47 of the 50 states because Republican officials in three states, Virginia, Illinois and Hawaii, refused to provide information, the Joint Center states.  The report is available on the Joint Center’s website at www.jointcenter.org.




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